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  1. rynier prins

    rynier prins

    Jun 20, 2018

    Is it possible to use a 7/8 or perhaps even full size tailpiece on a 3/4 bass?


  2. If it'll fit between the bridge and the saddle, then sure, it's possible. Is it desirable? I doubt it. There may be some basses with an exceptionally long span between correct bridge location and saddle, a very long lower bout, and in such cases a longer tailpiece might be wanted. The rule of thumb is that the free vibrating string length behind the bridge should be 1/6th that of the playing portion of the string. So if you have 42" string length, you're looking for 7" between bridge back and the fret on the tailpiece. You can get that by elongating or shortening the endwire, or by using a longer or shorter tailpiece, according to need. Generally you want at least an inch of free endwire between tailpiece and saddle to allow the tailpiece to vibrate freely.
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