Takemine Acoustic Bass (Noisey Jack)

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  1. I have a Takemine G-series Jumbo Body Acoustic. Everytime I play a show with it I get a pop/crackle/feedback probem when I move around. The last time I played a show, I took it to the local music store, and they charged me to fix it, but I guess they didn't do anything to it. Becuse as soon as I plugged it in snap/crackle/pop (Rice Crispys). I don't know if it's the jack or the pre-amp, but I'm tired of paying for some one to stare at it, and say here you go that'll be $29.50. Got any suggestion I can do at home. the jack is in the strap peg. Thanks for all replies :help:
  2. No suggestions :help: Please guys anything wil do :help: Little help please :help:
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    I just sold a Takamine acoustic guitar and had to replace the input jack before selling it. I had only plugged the thing in about 3 times, and the last time I checked it out, there was no doubt that the input jack was shot. :crying:

    Apparently Takamine uses really cheap (read as crummy) parts on their input jacks. :eyebrow: This fact came out of one of the forums that I read (don't remember which). Call your local shop (or whoever might sell tak.) and ask them to replace it (if it's still under warranty) or buy the $14 part from them and do it yourself. It's either a switched or stereo jack (2 "hot" leads and a ground). PM me if you want more info. It cost me $14 and about 1/2 hour of time.

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    I have a Taylor acoustic guitar and the jack wen out the 3rd or 4th time I plugged it in. Taylor serviced it for free and replaced the jack as well. It was the original ES system and apparently there were coil issues or something. I would just upgrade the jack and be done with it. Then maybe you can resume ABG happiness!
  5. Thanks guys I'll probably fix it myself, as the shop I have been taking it to, was the dealership in my area that sells Taks. :bassist: