taking a head off of a combo to use it as a cab

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  1. Would this work. My Combo is a Behringer Ultrabass 90 watt pile. MY head is an ashdown superly and a my cab is a carvin BR210. Could I take the head/contrl part of my combo to use the remaing speaker as a cab?
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    can't really tell from the pics of this amp on various retailer sites.

    I suspect you would not have too much trouble taking the amp section out of the cabinetry. But, for your purposes .. using the 1x12 speaker cab on this thing as an extension, you will need an input jack to connect your Superfly to this cab. It probably will not have one independent of the combo. It will probably be directly wired, internally, from the combo amp.

    You could add an input jack if you were handy, but you may want to just consider a real extension cab. There are so many good used pieces of gear that you would most likely do much better going that route.

    good luck
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    Yeah, I think I'd just sell the combo and buy a bass cab. Better all around.