Tanglewood bass guitars. Worth?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by philliphunter, Aug 20, 2018.

  1. philliphunter


    Apr 16, 2017
    So I've heard that tanglewood products worth and I was thinking about the bass guitars.Has anyone tried one? More specifically the Tanglewood TE4-BK because thats the one I'm looking forward to buy. Seems good but cant find reviews..

  2. abarson


    Nov 6, 2003
    Santa Cruz
    You're right, I'm not finding reviews for that model at all. Maybe it's new on the market? It's the only bass model on their website at this time.
    For other models, Tanglewood gets average marks for an entry level instrument.
    Tanglewood: Rebel 4K | Reviews @ Ultimate-Guitar.com
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  3. More of a starter bass here in the UK.
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  4. You wont find much info as the Alpha series doesn't go on sale until end of August.

    My own experience with Tanglewood was a few years back,and very positive. They were producing the Canyon line and those used the same template as the Curbow. It was fantastic built bass,honestly the workmanship was first class. Check how thick the flamed maple cap was on the body :)
    Tanglewood Canyon (2).jpg Tanglewood Canyon (4).jpg
    The hardware and electrics were all Korean.No issues with them at all,fact is it was damn fine fretless :thumbsup:

    As Shawn said Tanglewood gets roped in with budget/entry level basses here in Europe,mostly due to their long selling "Warrior" models. That's a shame as the folks behind Tanglewood know their business.

    When Overwater saw their sales were lagging and their profile was dropping they took the tried and test method of releasing a low cost range. Tanglewood got the job. How did those fare ?

    Overwater are still here and their order book is full so it must have worked. Not surprising,they were good basses. So good Overwater had their logo big and bold on the headstock, "by Tanglewood" was in tiny script on the back. If they just be OK or average those logos would've been reversed.

    Final note

    Tanglewood are an English company and £250 isn't a huge sum for a new bass so do the decent thing and buy one :D
    G4M have a good return policy if it's not for you :thumbsup:

    Tanglewood TE4 CP Alpha Series Bass Guitar at Gear4music.com
  5. JACink


    Mar 9, 2011
    My only experience with a Tanglewood was an acoustic that I tried in Holland. I went back to the store (200km) at least twice to try it, I really loved the feel and the sound. My only reason for not buying it was it's size, it was huge!! Everything else was great.

    I still regret not buying it :(
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  6. I have the Tanglewood/Overwater Contemporary J 4. It is a superb instrument. It is top quality all over. I don’t use it so much as I have switched to 5 string.. I looked for a CJ5 but there is nothing around. So, I bought an Overwater Custom J5! That is a superb instrument HOWEVER the Tanglewood built bass is every bit as good, just not as refined. That is truly a great testament to just how good they are. Seriously, look for a used Tanglewater Contemporary J.. cost you £250 or so, but it is a superb bass. You can buy mine if you like!
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