Tantric Bass Tabs!

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  1. Hey guys! I know that not alot of people know who this group is (Not the current lineup) and I was needing some help with a few songs off the 2001 Debut album. The song I needed help with is
    Track#12 Titled Inside Your Head. It seems simple but I cannot find a tab anywhere to work with. (I use both tab and ear.) I cannot even find a wrong tab on the net. Can someone help? I have the right gear (or as close as I'm gonna get on a budget). I did some digging and and found out that me and Jesse use pretty much the same gear and it looks something like this:

    Spector Basses
    Rotosound Swing 66 Strings
    Ampeg amps and cabs.

    I have emulation Software on my comp (Amplitube and Line 6)
    A Spector NS-2A
    and Rotosound Steel strings.

    I got the tone I just need the notes ;)