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  1. Seconded. Almost all my web activity anymore is done on a mobile device. Either my phone or my iPad. tapatalk would make forum browsing much easier here. I know Im new here, but it would be much appreciated.
  2. It's a moot point. TalkBass put out their own mobile app. It's in the app store.
  3. Didn't know that. I'll go get it! Thanks!
  4. Actually, it's not a moot point. A new app for every website out there is tiresome, wasteful, and cumbersome for the end user. Especially when the app is nothing more than a branded wrapper around the browser. It's a fancy bookmark, and nothing more.

    Please add the Tapatalk plugin. It's free to license. Talkbass will show up in the Tapatalk directory under the Musical Instrument category. More people will find the site. People who prefer the TalkBass app can still use that. Everybody wins.

    Thanks for your consideration.
  5. I installed the mobile app, but having more than one way of getting to information is never a bad idea. I have six other forums that I frequent on Tapatalk and it would be nice to add TalkBass to the list as well. It seems like it wouldn't take much time either.

    Someone could just give me the rights and I'll do it for the site if it's a time constraint issue :D

    Installation Instruction for vbulletin can be found here at the link below and I'll add them to the thread.

    I don't work for Tapatalk or am in no way affiliated, I just like the app and have it installed on several devices.

    iPhone / Android / webOS / WP7 / BlackBerry for vB - Tapatalk - vBulletin.org Forum

    Step 1

    Create yourself an account at Tapatalk Forum App - Empowering Forum Junkies on-the-go. Once you have logged in
    to the website, you can download the largest version. If you are not sure you are
    using the latest version. Download a new one from
    Tapatalk Forum App - Empowering Forum Junkies on-the-go. You can follow the rest of the instruction
    from tapatalk.com onward if you want. Otherwise read on:

    Step 2

    Upload the zip package at the root of your forum system.
    Unzip the package. You should see a directory called "mobiquo" inside your forum
    system root directory. For example, if your forum URL is http://www.mysite.com/forum,
    it should be placed at http://www.mysite.com/forum/mobiquo/.

    Step 3

    Login to Administration Control Panel (admincp) in your server.
    Choose "Style Manager" under "Styles and Templates".
    Choose "Edit Template" in your current template.
    Click "Edit" in your current template
    Choose "headinclude" in the list, click "Edit"
    At the bottom of the editor, insert the following line:
    <script type="text/javascript" src="mobiquo/tapatalkdetect.js"></script>
    Click "Save".

    Step 4

    Visit Tapatalk Forum App - Empowering Forum Junkies on-the-go to enter your forum URL and upload you forum
    logo there. It will allow end-user to find his way to your forum using the Tapatalk

    Step 5

    Visit Tapatalk Forum App - Empowering Forum Junkies on-the-go to confirm the setup so you can select
    whether you want to publish your site to the public listing or you want to set it up
    so it is complete private to other end users.
  6. For anyone subscribed to this thread. Talkbass is available in Tapatalk now.

    To the Sys Admins - Thanks for adding the plugin! You guys rock! :bassist:
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  8. Sweet. Just replied to that thread and will keep an eye out for bugs.