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Tapered B problem

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by parrott, Dec 19, 2002.

  1. I've just got a new set of strings, D'addario Half-Rounds.

    I've just discovered that the B is tapered at the ball end, like for a through-body stringing. There's about 2 inches of string before the outer winding starts.
    This means that, on my bass, which doesn't have through-body stringing, there's going to be about 1.5 inches of the string not covered by the final layer next to the bridge, which is also roughly where I play the strings.

    It didn't say anywhere, on the packet or on the website, that this B was tapered.

    What's this going to do to the sound? The life of the string? Should it be like this at all?
  2. The tapered b-string is supposed to give better intonation and better sustain, sounding more like the other 4 strings. I've tried the Slowounds with a tapred b, and liked it overall though tightness and bottom suffer. On my stingray5 the outer wrap began before my plucking area (about 1-2 cm after the saddle) so it's possible that your tapered string is made for stringthrough bodies, if the tapered area is so long as you say.
  3. Don't forget that since it is tapered, it will make the overall height of the string lower (due to the smaller diameter over the saddle). You'l probably need to raise the B string saddle quite a bit to restore the B string to its former height. It will sound and feel much better once you do this though.

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