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taperwound thru body

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by fenderbluesdude, Jan 16, 2005.

  1. i have recently found out that there are very few taperwound strings were the taper part of the strings is long enough to go through the body and over the bridge, what are the strings that can do this???


    fender 8250s
    rotosound piano rs99
    and DR long necks

    and if this is it which one sounds the best?
  2. KevinMG

    KevinMG Supporting Member

    Jan 17, 2005
    Princeton, NJ
    I feel your pain and search continuously for user reviews on this subject. I have a Fender MIA Jazz 4 string and Amer Dlx Precision 5 String that both string through the body. On my 5 string I've struggled to find a good sounding B string since removing the stock Fender strings. I only use nickel strings so that narrowed the field even more. I've spent quite a few dollars on finding strings that fit. Here is the sum of what I've found after 9 months...

    For a 4 string, the non-tapered strings work just fine. I'm assuming we're talking about the B string on a 5er. I found on the 5 string that the non-tapered B string gets warbly after the 7th fret. I've tried DR Sunbeam, DR Nickel LoRider, and Dean Markley NPS Roundcore - all with a .125 B. All great on my 4 string (esp. the Dean Markely) but that B just dies. Also, the added tension from the string retainers on the 5 do add a touch of brightness in comparison. Since I am stubborn and believe the string through design was created for a reason, I've refused to even try stringing through the bridge. So on to the search for tapered strings...

    First, the stock Fender 8250s are way under rated, even more so when you factor in price. So far, I've found these strings to have a great sound both acoustically and plugged in, with a nice round old school thump and a musical tone that isn't harsh on the top end. They are smooth feeling and a highly flexible string because they are roundcore. I think they are less flexible than some other roundcores (Sunbeams, NPS Roundcore) but still quite flexible. I don't sweat acid and play with a rather light touch so I didn't have a problem with them lasting. Not realizing how different a non-tapered B string would sound I bought several non-tapered sets to try out. After that I've recently purchased some tapered sets.

    D'Addario makes a super long XL tapered string in a variety of guages (check juststrings.com single string section) - I'm using the .130 B. The taper just clears the bridge. I'm not convinced it clears enough - probably needs anoth 1/8". The B string sounds far better than any of the non-tapered strings so I'm not complaining too much. The tone sustains much better and the string balance to the E string seems to be quite good.

    SIT Strings makes the PowerWound Nickel string in a super long length for G&L and the B string is tapered. I didn't know it was tapered when ordering, so I ordered the 4 string set and a separate tapered single string. After emailing with SIT I learned the regular Long length B (or other guage) will be too short for string through. The G&L set is the only set for string through and the 5 string set has at tapered .125 B. They were nice and sent me 2 tapered B strings for free. I haven't put on the set yet, but the measurement of the taper is enough to clear the saddle when strung through body. Also, the taper is much thicker than Fender or D'Addario - almost like a light E string - which intrigues me. It should be enough taper to sit on the saddle properly to get a more accurate intonation, but maintain a more consistent tone to the other strings because it maintains about as much mass as the E string. We'll see.

    I should also note that the SIT strings are dirt cheap at juststrings.com - comparable to the Fender strings. A 5 string set is under 20 bucks.

    Personally, if the SIT strings don't give me the tone/feel I'm after, I'll be back to the Fender 8250s for my 5 string (NPS Roundcore for my 4).

    Hope that helps.

  3. paintandsk8

    paintandsk8 Pushin' my soul through the wire...

    May 12, 2003
    West Lafayette, IN
    I have a set of the ken smith masters series strings on my fender American deluxe 5. They are strung through the body and still have plenty of taper to get over the saddle.
  4. im gonna stick with DR long necks, or the fender 8250s