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Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by Asa Samuel, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. what are these types of strings?

    are they all different or are they just different names for one kind of string?

    never come across these types of strings before so any info would help.

  2. LowDog


    Jul 6, 2005
    Back in the late 60's I used tape wounds on a bass. They were black tape winding on a flat wound string. The strings were dead from the start but were fun to play, and they looked cool. Thank God for round wound strings!

    I hope and think that technology has improved the strings, mabye someone can chime in....
  3. bump
  4. technology certainly has:

    - Fender 9120 strings are .105 roundwounds with a .005 nylon tape. This tapewound has a slicker feel, and sounds more like a roundwound than a flatwound. Very bright. also feels more like a round wound compared to the GHS

    -Fender....91...something.....is a .105 ish string with has a nylon filament...basically a roundwound made of nylon...never tried it, so I don't really have any opinions

    -Ghs Tapewound: roundwounds with a nylon tape. The tape on the GHS's are a lot softer and smoother, and the strings feel more like those on an upright bass. Very thumpy, but still good with a pick.

    -Ghs Flatwound Tapewound: slightly thicker than the other GHS. It's flatwound, wound with one layer of tape...so it's like double tapewound. Never tried it, but I imagine it would be extremely thumpy, so I never touched it.
  5. Taper-wounds (as in, tapered) are thinner where the string meets the saddle on a bass. Supposedly, thick gauges don't intonate as well, don't fit, etc etc. I'm using a Badass bridge 2 on a pete wentz signature, modified BEAD. I have no problems with intonation whatsoever, and it fits just fine. From a recent thread on the forums, some ERB bassists have noticed that the taperwounds are often more problematic than they are helpful. My 2 cents, you can investigate it on your own, but I really don't see the need for anything beyond 130 or 135
  6. Hawaii Islander

    Hawaii Islander Supporting Member

    Aug 11, 2007
    Rio Rico, AZ
    I just put a set of Fender Tapewounds on my Mike Dirnt P-bass. These strings have a slick, almost smooth feel to them, but still provide fairly wide tonal variety. I like them. They are easy on the fingers. The black strings look great with the vintage white body of the bass.
  7. +1 I've been hooked on all permutations of tapewounds ever since i tried them.

    I'm guessing it's the fender 9120's? good stuff

    try using GHS fast fret on it, you'll make your strings 5x slicker.

    oh a Mike Dirnt P-Bass? Let's jam sometime :] can i see yours?

    Strung BEAD (.130 B) GHS nylon Tapewound Roundwound.








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