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taping off from computor... urgent

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by Newman, Jan 25, 2001.

  1. Newman


    Jun 6, 2000

    i've got a bit of a problem. I needed to tape some stuff off from my computor. The way i do it is hook a car kit up to a double tape deck cd player and record like that. Unfortunately, someone took my car kit and i dont have much time to do this tape. What other ways can you think of to put an mp3 to cassette? I have 1 cd player with a double tape deck 1 without. The one with two decks is going to be quite hard to use but if its the only way i will do it. Thanks to anyone and if you know how please please please suggest something. thanks

    P.S. yes i can put my cd player up to the speakers and press record but its the most horrible quality you can get so its not worth it.
  2. if you connect your line-out (or aux/video on many devices) on the tape recorder to the speaker jack in your computer´s sound card you should be able to record it easily like that..

    I have my stereos connected to my pc and I can easily record unto tapes. :)

    good luck
  3. Newman


    Jun 6, 2000
    thanks but what kind of cable would i use? and the speaker jack on the back of my computor? that sound right all i need is a cable to do it. my 2 tape deck comp has only 1 input for headphones is that what i would plug it into? it aslo has the place to hook speakers in the back. thx

    [Edited by Newman on 01-25-2001 at 06:10 PM]
  4. ok.. first of all... there was an type-o in my previous message.. I meant to say line in. :)

    you would need a cable with minijacks on both ends (1/16" i think) and yes, connect it to the input on the tape deck and the other end to were your speakers are connected to your computer. :)

    hope this works and you understood what i was saying :)
  5. Newman


    Jun 6, 2000
    thanks alot "the bass." Now all I need to to is find one of those cables i doubt i would have any around the house because i dont know what I would use it on. I guess the store tomorrow it is. Better late then never. Thanks
    o yeah nope no burner and nobody with a portable one.

  6. Ok i've done this before and yes blown a soundcard. Don't plug the spkr out from your computer to the Headphone In. the Headphone In is in essence a output.

    to be safe, and i have done this once or twice with quite good results is to hook a microphone to your stereo (if its possible with your equipment) set the mic up to the computer, play the song and record. It sounds dodgy but it actually works.

    If you want to do it the other way whereby running from the Spkr out (if you have a Line out option on the back of your computer thats even better), to the Line In on your tape deck then go ahead. The lead you are after is a 3.5mm audio plug (like the size you use to plug your speakers into the sound card etc) and being a tape deck most probably a RCA plug. Its not hard to make if you have some spkr cable, the two plugs and a soldering Iron. I have a cable somewhere but i live in australia so you can come and get it one weekend. :p

  7. Well, if this is any help now, on my stereo it has the aux in put red/white plugs. So I get a cable with the red & white jacks on one end and the other end is just like normal headphones you'd plug into a disman or something, and I just stick that end into the speaker output of my computer. That's how I usually listen to my MP3s. Or...well, that's how I record them onto MD. :D
  8. mr. sheep!

    I also connect my pc like that.. :)

    and those red/white thingies are two female plugs, (Left and right).. in case someone doesn´t know... :)

    and merlin: I could´ve told you something would happen if you connect an output to an output! :D

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