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    Jun 2, 2001
    Urbandale, IA, USA
    Do you use much tapping style at all on bass? I enjoy playing around with this as it can lend more freedom, and sometimes i use this style to create pieces than transfer them to a regular fingerstyle. Just wondering if you or i guess anyone does this at all, or if i'm strange(well i know i'm strange truly :D )
  2. Steve Lawson

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    Apr 21, 2000
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    before I got into looping, I used to tap most of the time - I played in a power trio, and in order to fill out the sound behind the solos I would be playing bass note and chords a lot of the time, with my right hand tapping the chord high up. That then took me into playing melody stuff with my right hand whilst playing bass and chords with my left, but I was never really happy with the lack of variation in attack that is a big part of tapping - if you work within those limitations some great stuff can happen, but if you get into the 'tap everything' mind-set that I was in, you end up playing pretty ropey versions of otherwise nice bits of music. Looping allowed me to separate out the different parts and layer them, allowing me to focus more energy on the tone and articulation. By the time I did my solo album, I was doing no tapping or slapping in my solo material! Now, both techniques are creeping back in, but in a way that seems to me to be more organic and less gimmick led, if that makes any sense... :oops:)