Tascam DP-004 Question....Can I use as a DI?

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  1. Hey guys, I just got my new Mac book pro a few weeks ago, and am VERY familar with Garage Band. My question is, since all i did was play straight into the microphone thats built in on the Mac, can I use the Tascam as a DI box, if so how?..Or do I have to go out and buy a REAL DI box for some cool recording ideas I have...I would take the time to get used to the Tascam I have, but I don't really need it since the Garageband I have is all i could ever need. I just want better quality...

    Any input here would be greatly appreicated!

    NOTE: the Tascam HAS a USB, but will that work with G- band?..All my G-Band reconizes are the built in inputs...

  2. Anyone?
  3. ok, I think the reason you haven't recieved any responses is because its a little bit of a confused question, and you are asking about a non-standard use for a bit of gear I would image most people are not familier with!

    a DI box will not help your current setup that much, you need a way to get into the computer better than using the in built mic, but a DI box only changes a bass' signal so it sounds better when fed to a mic or line input.

    You could plug a di into your computers line input, but if you are doing that then the input is bad enough quality already for an potentially pricey DI box to have much of an effect!

    so moving on to your tascam. Thats just a question of looking in the manual. Though I would imagine it will NOT interface with garage band, it is a recorder itself and it makes no sense that a company would make an all in one recorder and then add the functionality to work as an interface. Thats two diffeerent ways of recording and it would be silly for a company to make a product which does both, as you only need ONE way of recording and you choose the product that works for you!

    I may very well be proved wrong, but I'd be surprised if I am. The USB interface is probably for dumping files, transferring data etc to a computer. It takes more than a USB connector to make a device an interface!

    as for using it as a DI, does it have anything labelled 'instrument in' of similar? if so then it probably has a kind of DI circuit on it, or at least it is designed to accept a guitar input. however I can't image there is a way to get a standard DI out signal from the box, though I would image there is several options of going line level out. you could plug this into your mac as a kind of rudimentry DI but it probably wouldn't sound that great because of the quality of the macbooks input.

    If it were me I'd sell the tascam if you don't use it and buy a usb or firewire soundcard, if you want to use garageband then a proper way of recording into it will help you make music no end!

    generally speaking though, for little ideas you can get a jack>mini jack adapter for £1.50 and plug your bass straight into the mac's line in, won't sound great but for playing around at home it may well do the job!
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    My friend had a Tascam DP-02 that he used to record us. It did have a USB port and was, from his description, only used to transfer tracks to the computer for further editing. I don't think it was used for recording. You are likely correct about that.

    I also agree with the notion of selling the Tascam for a more suitable recording device (provided you don't care about getting rid of it). A good quality interface for recording can do wonders. There are also a couple of budget friendly options. I have been using my dad's Presonus Inspire for recording as of late. The quality is a great improvement over my friend's Tascam. That could be the technique, though. I don't want to slam the Tascam device because I'm sure someone more qualified could have gotten better results.

    I'd probably go with a USB interface if possible. My notebook only has a 4 pin Firewire connector which never fails to disconnect. It's incredibly unreliable. :meh: Other than that, it works fine. I have some complaints about the sound quality for monitoring but I'm using some Creative DJ headphones. They don't sound good despite carrying a pretty high price tag. They weren't super expensive but I'm certain their are better options. That is another issue, though.

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