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Tascam portastudio 414MKII

Discussion in 'Recording Gear and Equipment [BG]' started by razorbakc, Aug 28, 2002.

  1. razorbakc


    Feb 3, 2002
    does anyone have this? I just bought it and I can't figure it out even with the instructions. I can get it to record, but it doesnt have the right pitch or speed. anyone know why?
  2. I went INSANE trying to get a good sound on tape with one of these. Almost drove me back to Brushy Mountain (don't ask!). I sold it. Realized I know too many people (who are damn experts with them) who'll come over and do it for free or next to nothing. Hopefully another TBer has something more helpful/encouraging to offer.
  3. I have one and find it quite easy to use. Perhaps there is something tweaked with yours? Otherwise, there is a pitch shifter on it...make sure that is at the middle setting. Make sure you use 60 min tapes or less...90 and up can cause problems.

    Check out www.homerecording.com. They have some pretty good tips for analog 4 track machines.
  4. razorbakc


    Feb 3, 2002
    why does it play at a slower speed and lower pitch on other tape players?
  5. Because it records at higher speed the normal tape players to reduce noice.

    What you have to do to play in another tape player is mix the song to your preference and then take a line out of the recorder into a good stereo tape player and record the song to tape.

    Hope this helps
  6. I ahve one of these and have never had a problem with it in the three-four years I ahve had it.

    The reason it sounds funny on regular decks is because it records at 3 3/4 inches per second. This is much faster than on regular decks. As mentioned before, try the pitch control and make sure it is at the middle mark.

    I ahve consistently used 90 minute tapes (TDK's mostly) and never had a problem with it. Tascam recommends using 90 min or less. The reason for this (or stated one) is that tapes over 120 are too thin, and can cause bleed through.

    just take a deep breath and mess around with it, it's easier than you think, really.........
  7. Ahhh, now I see what you're doing wrong...what 74rick said. You need to spin it down to a normal cassette speed. I wasn't even aware it would play at all if you put it in a normal deck. Also, 4 tracks record on BOTH sides of the tape so don't try to flip the tape and record more...you'll erase what you previously recorded. Same recording medium (magnetic tape) but different recording mechanics.
  8. I had a sound guy flip the tape when I brought the 414 out years ago.

    It didn't erase anything.........what it did was cause bleed over of what was on the other two tracks when you played it back, sounded really weird..........you could hear the other song faintly.

    I tried dumping it onto cassette by turning down the two offending tracks but it didn't work out so well, so I just gave up.

    As far as slowing down the 414 with the pitch control to equal the speed of a "normal" deck, that would be mostly trial and error, would sound better if you just transferred the stuff into a regular deck via the 414 outs

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