Tascam Recordings of a Just For Kicks Jam

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    May 3, 2008
    The Brother Haprov, Michael on Guitar and Jeff on drums and I get together every couple of months and play whatever comes in our heads. We generally start with a cocktail, this time it was Michael who brought a potent mixture of Mezcal and Artichoke Liquor. There were edibles as well....you get the idea.

    We moved the drums into the corner of a regular 20 by 20 studio room and I set up on the left side and the guitar on the right. We placed the recorder on a stool about three feet in front of the bass drum within easy reach. Best results I've had from this device...ever. Kept the ears in the X position.

    I played through the studio backline, a funky SS head and a GK 4x10 cab.

    Here's a couple of examples on soundcloud. The first one is a lick we picked up from the previous session and since Groove Works, the rehearsal studio is in the City of Gardena, it's called Gardena Gait and when you hear it you'll have that ambulatory feeling, with a bit of swag. The guitarist kinda flakes out a bit but Jeff, the drummer and I keep going.

    The second piece could be attached to the first. I am playing through a TC Electronics Loop, laying down some background tracks, and then adding color and solos over the top.

    Your comments appreciated.

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