TB member featured on newest Morley disc!

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by Stewmc5222, Jul 14, 2003.

  1. hey everyone,

    Gregory Bruce Campbell (TB handle '9string') plays one of his originals on track #28 of the latest Morley disc! for anyone in Nashville NAMM tis week, keep an eye and an ear out!


    from the low end,

  2. Boplicity

    Boplicity Supporting Member

    Is that David Morley? I went to mazon.com to see if I could get lucky and hear a sample, but the only MOrley I found is David Morley. Song titles are listed, but no sound samples are provided.

    Anyway, congratulations to our TB memeber. I wish him luck with the CD.
  3. my bad.

    I should have mentioned that it's the new promo disc for Morley pedals. Greg's demo-ing the Bass Wah effect.

    they'll be giving 'em out at NAMM then they'll be available in retailers next week.

    sorry for the mix-up!

    from the low end,

  4. Bruce Lindfield

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    Isn't this the guy who came on here and seriously annoyed just about every TB regular with his claims about his "unique technique" and started loads of acrimonious debates - don't think I'll be going out of my way to find it if this is the case?:meh:
  5. Wrong Robot

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    Apr 8, 2002
    If I'm not mistaken Bruce, the man you are refering to went by the user name Ninestring(not 9string), his real name was Garry Goodman, not Greg.
  6. 20db pad

    20db pad

    Feb 11, 2003
    I been everywhere, man...
    None. At all.
    I honestly think Garry's very talented, from the little I've heard.
  7. Bruce Lindfield

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    So we had two different users who basically decided to call themselves after a 9-string bass - what is this? Oneupmanship on John Turner!!??? ;)
  8. Wrong Robot

    Wrong Robot Guest

    Apr 8, 2002
    Edit: with some research I found that 9string joined 8 months before ninestring.

    I think Garry was very talented, I think he was also a little bit too arrogant.

    Side note, I was rooting around in member lists not long ago, and I saw a user named 7stringjohn, I clicked on it, and it was john turner, just with 0 posts, but he had a link to lordonly.net :p
  9. hey guys,

    Greg and Garry are both nine stringers, but their approach is *very* different. I'm pretty sure Garry Goodman has an mp3 site, but you can find out about Greg Campbell at any of these...


    if anyone remembers a post of mine from a *long* time ago called "An Open Invitation to Multistringers" (under 'Bassists', maybe?), Greg is the one who started the Yahoo group.


    at present he's also co-host of the extended range bassist forum at http://www.bassically.net where he was one of the cats featured as a "Bass Face".

    hope that clears things up a little.

    oh! his cut on the new Morley disc is revamped version of his tune "Touching Bass".

    from the low end,

  10. Boplicity

    Boplicity Supporting Member

    That's a very interesting tidbit of info. I wonder if I am still registered here under my original screen name Basso Ostinato. I changed it because I thought it sounded, well, a bit ostinato.
  11. LiquidMidnight


    Dec 25, 2000
    Yes, I told him that in a thread, then he just tried to conviently justify himself by comparing it to how Jaco claimed he was the world's best bass player.

    I still don't get what was so "Unique" about his technique. From what I gather it was just tapped, false harmonics. Then again he didn't really do a good job at all of explaining it. Then he posted that thread in Michael and Steve's forum with intent of them giving advice on how to get his techinique published in a book, but he didn't ask them outright in the first post. He didn't even acknowledge them by name. It sounded like he was just addressing the public on his technique. Then he complained when other people posted in the thread saying the reason was he wanted Michael and Steve's advice. Why didn't he ask them then in the first place? Better yet, why didn't he just PM them?
  12. XavierG

    XavierG In Memoriam

    Who cares? This thread isn't about him. ;)

    I've had the opportunity to hear some of Gregory's work, and I think he's a talented bassist.
  13. LiquidMidnight


    Dec 25, 2000
    I know, I didn't mean to go off on a rant. :D It's not like I'm losing sleep over Garry Goodman anyway.