No longer available TBC JAZZ 5 String - The Bass Company JT-500JJ

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    Selling a couple of my TBC's...this fiver is one of the USA made JT-500JJ's made in Bolivar, MO. Stock Jazz pickups, stock 3 band preamp V/V Bass-Mid-Treble, Swamp Ash body, Pau Ferro fretboard, 22 frets. Recently set up with new Dean Markley strings. Excellent condition with no scratches or gouges or dings. Gig bag included. $400 - Shipping included in price in CONUS. Feel free to send any questions....thanks for looking!

    JJ5.jpg JJ5F.jpg JJ5B.jpg
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  2. What is the weight?
    Is it 34" scale?
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    Sorry I should have included this info, it is 34" scale, and although I don't have a scale I can tell ya that it is fairly least 10 lbs. TBC's are normally a lot lighter, but not this one