TBC Lightwave 5 string fretless CLIP!!! WANKER ALERT!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by frederic b. hodshon, Feb 18, 2003.

  1. godoze


    Oct 21, 2002
    i'd listen to it, really, i would, but my computer will take 30 mins to download that.:rolleyes:
  2. DarkMazda


    Jun 3, 2000

    Sounds great there Fred!!

  3. Fuzzbass

    Fuzzbass P5 with overdrive Supporting Member

    That's some very cool riffin' there, fred... thanks for the clip!

    Now... did you use an octave doubler, or did you overdub (meaning: were both the lead and rhythm tracks doubled), or is that the natural sound of the bass? Not that it matters... sounds PHAT!
  4. thanks DM!

    fuzz: that's just 2 bass tracks and a drum track.

    just the bass au natural through my Aguilar DB659/QSC PLX 2402 and a Bergantino HT112.

    i mic'd the cab with and AKG C460B small condenser mic into my mackie into my M Audio 2496 card.

    no doubling, no effects.

    this is my favorite lightwave by far!!!!

    i've been talking to Lightwave about this. we're trying to figure out the best combo of woods and finishes that make the lightwave really shine!

    the TBC fretless has an alder body and a spalt maple top.

    simple maple neck with a killer cocobolo fongerboard.


    interesting that my favorite basses all have/had alder bodies.

    1. Spalt/Totem MODINE

    2. Fender Geddy Lee Jazz

    3. TBC Lightwave fretless

    i'm beginning to think that ALDER has some magical qualities.

    while swamp ash is fairly neutral.

    who knows.

    but, i tell ya, this TBC kicks ARSE! much smoother than my other lightwaves.

    just verifies the concept that lightwave pickups magnify the materials of the bass without coloration.

    plus, i can take the Roland V-Bass mod off my Zon LW and install it on any of my system 2 lightwave basses and drive my Roland V-Bass.


  5. I'0m gonna listen to it as soon as my sound card is well configured. ;)
  6. Lackey


    May 10, 2002
    Los Angeles
    2 questions;

    a; hows the action and playability

    b; how much $$$ :)
  7. Lackey:

    the action is just a TAD higher than my Zons.

    which is pretty low. i fussed with the truss rod to get it just above flat to avoid buzzing at the first fret.

    she's a sweety.

    ya know, i didn't have high hopes for this bass before it arrived at my door.

    jinx factor i guess.

    but, DANG. i love it!!!!

    not sure what the street price on the TBC's are these days. i'm in contact with the owner personally, so i'll find out what's going on with his remaining LW TBC stock and let TB know.

    i'm pretty sure they are reasonable.

    don't forget the LW Sabers...high tech within reach!

  8. Whoa, that sounds sexy.

    In accordance with changes in my musical philosophy, I may pick up a Lightwave at some point within the next three or four years. That sound is pretty much perfect for the music I want to make.
  9. Would someone have an idea how to get my hands on a LW bass in Europe, I saw pictures of the sabers and I really like them, but the homepage of Lightwave Systems, hasn't been updated for years :).

    BTW REALLY nice sound to your bass!!

  10. thanks Peter!

    LW in europe...hmmm...let me ask the boyz at the shop.

  11. that bass is GORGEOUS! i want a TBC. with lightwaves. actually, i want yours.
    you sound dang good, by the way.
  12. floyd: aww garshk. thanks.

    as usual, my clips are just quicky ideas.

    fruityloops for drums and Acid for multitracking.

    sure is easy.

  13. where do you rest your thumb when playing??~?? just on like the B string??~??
  14. i use the "floating thumb" technique.

    learned that when i had my Rob Allen MB2.