TC Dry Kill /LS-2

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  1. Hey guys, so here's my issue:

    On my board I have my octave, filters, and dirt pedals going through a boss ls-2. After that loop, I have a b3k followed by a TC flashback and hall of fame. The reason for this set up is that all the pedals in the loop are ones that I like to combine so I "pre-load" them and just engage the ls-2 to kick them on.

    What I want to accomplish is to have the tc pedals with the kill-dry engaged and have them in their own loop on a ls-2. That way I can have a completely wet sound but also select an AB-Mix so I can have the effected signal along with the dry signal just by changing the knob on the ls-2. I can accomplish this by getting another ls-2.

    What I'm wondering is if I can accomplish this with just the one ls-2. If I have just the wet signal going through the B Channel, then when I mix it with A I can have the dry mixed in. However, to my understanding, I would not be able to run the contents of loop A into loop B, right? If only A went INTO B. Unless I'm wrong, it does not work that way.

    Another thing I have read is that if I have the TC pedals both in one loop with the kill-dry engaged, I have to have both pedals on because the kill-dry does not allow the signal to pass through them when the pedals are bypassed. Any TC users have any experience with this?

    Thanks in advance guys, any help appreciated!
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  2. Nudge!

    I'll be back home tomorrow so I can mess around with TC pedals and ls-2 and see for myself what happens. Nobody has any thoughts on this?