TC Electronic "Blacksmith" Head Owners?

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    Sep 8, 2009
    Hi. I just purchased a used TC Electronic "Blacksmith" Head.. It's my first Solid State amp since the 80's.. I'm very impressed with the features and power of this head.. I've used many brands over my 30yr+ career .. Full Tube, Tube preamp with Mosfet Power and Solid State.. I currently use Ampeg SVT CL,a VR and 2Pro with a choice of cabs .. 8/10" SVT AV,8/10" SVT E, Mesa 4/12" PowerHouse, David Eden 4/10".. All 4 ohm cab applications.. I'm just starting to experiment with the Blacksmith with my 4/10" Eden cab and find it a totally different beast than most Solid State amps.. I'm going to try it out at rehearsal this weekend with my 8/10" Svt E cab and compare it with the SVT 2pro head.. I know they are from to different worlds but the Blacksmith might be a useful tool out for "Live" and Studio applications.. Anybody else own a "Blacksmith" and have any thoughts on it? Thanks..
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    Aug 6, 2005
    fresno, ca
    I've had mine since 2012. Absolutely love it. Have gigged with it extensively. Reliable, sturdy, and you can get any tone you want.
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