TC Electronic Polytune 2 (hope this is the right category)

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  1. I've been using a relatively new to me polytune2 on a battery for a few weeks, and it's been flashing "BATT" occasionally (pedal seems to work fine), pretty much since I started with this battery. I've checked the battery life, and it's at about 75%. I just replaced the battery, to see if maybe it was just a bad connection. Just wondering if maybe this is common with these?
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    Did it stop when you replaced the battery?
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    Jan 15, 2019
    Also how did you check battery life and determine it is at 75% If it still has 75% of charge, it's in good shape. If the voltage is at 75% of the nominal value, then it's pretty much a dead battery.
  4. The new battery seems to have done the trick. Maybe the ast was a dud. I put it in a battery tester, and it showed roughly 75% of I guess "life" remaining. But, oh well.... thanks for replying!