SOLD TC Electronic Shaker Vibrato

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    Selling this mint condition TC Shaker Vibrato. Quite the amazing pedal. Especially if you are are just dipping the toe into the land of Vibrato on bass. Plus this pedal is part of the TonePrint series so you can load up tones made by TC and their artists.

    I initially got this to mimic Jaco's MXR M-113 unit he used live. And wow Hadrien Feraud 's TonePrint preset totally nailed it. And then I migrated the pedal onto my bass-synth pedal board and truly unleashed its power. It can do so much that it would be hard to fit on this write up of mine. I had it doing raygun-like sounds, subtle chorus, rotary speaker-like sweeps you name it!

    If you want to experiment with Vibrato and then unleash a world of great sounding possibilities on the cheap then this is the one for you.

    Pedal is mint, comes with a non original box and has velcro in the back.

    Asking $75 shipped within the Continental US.
    (Shipping rates are bananas these days).
    PayPal preferred.

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