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TC Electronic Triple C compressor

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by CoolHat, Jan 27, 2004.

  1. Has anyone tried TC´s Triple C comp with bass guitar (or anything else)? I can get this thing for 255 euros (~$300), which is pretty attractive for a multi-band from a company of TC´s reputation. Is there any reason why it wouldn´t work as a part of a bass rig?
  2. haven't tried it but read a good review in some bass magazine (can't remember which one) and it also has bass presets AFAIK, so it should definitely work for bass.
  3. Gianni


    Jul 4, 2001
    Palermo - Italia
    Hello, I own a single channel TripleC.

    It works VERY fine BUT you cannot plug directly the bass in it, it needs a "effect send" level.
    Mine is inserted in the effect loop of an Alembic preamp.

  4. Hi.

    I plan on buying one but like to have some information beforehand.

    Did anyone play around with the frequency settings?
    Which ones are good for a low-B 5string?

    I guess setting

    low <50
    mid 50-500
    high >500

    would be a good starting point, wouldn't it?

    What about real-time controlling of the different levels?



  5. Jugghaid


    Jun 28, 2002
    Denver, CO, USA
    It works great. Used one for a few years, and actually I'm selling it as I no longer need it, but it's a fantastic unit. Hell, the Tube Bass and Fast Bass presets are good by themselves. Tweak them a little to taste and you are set.
  6. Gianni


    Jul 4, 2001
    Palermo - Italia
    50 is too low
    I have never seen that frequency on dual band bass compressors with fixed frequency

    Usually the lower low is

  7. Hi.

    Regarding the fact that low B is around 30, E around 40 Hz, I don't find 50 too low.

    A setting of 250 equals about the 12th fret G on the G string.

    Effectively you would use only 2 of the 3 bands, thus...

    Or am I wrong here???


  8. Gianni


    Jul 4, 2001
    Palermo - Italia
    You have to compress the low band with its proper setting.
    This means proper attack and release time etc...

    Why do you want to dedicate the low compressor to the B string?

    There is no theoretical sense.
  9. If I set low to 50Hz it would be at about F#/G, the middle band for "the rest" of the natural tones and the 3rd band for harmonics...

    These are only mind games now, as I haven't bought a Triple C, yet.

  10. Gianni


    Jul 4, 2001
    Palermo - Italia

    Using 50 hz as upper low frequency you will see that the low compressor will work very little and the mid compressor will do the whole work.

    And the high compressor will have to deal from low mid to highs, so that you risk to give parameters good for low mid and bad for other frequencies.

    As an example, in the digitech bass squeeze the crossover goes from 100hz to 3000hz and in the sample settings you never see frequencies below 200hz.
    And the Trace Elliot Dual compressor has the crossover frequency at 350hz.

    Furthermore, also considering subwoofers: have you ever seen something working only below 100hz?

  11. That shouldn't be a problem, should it?

    I am talking about compressing BASS here so the range is different from using a compressor for a fullband signal...

    Never used the Digitech. The Trace sounded good but as it "only" has two bands the freuquency seems to be well chosen. The higher band nearly works for the highest notes on a bass and the harmonics, only.

    It wouldn't make sense in a bass rig and that's why I never really thought about getting a bi-amped rig.
    In a hifi application subwoofers normally are shut off at 150-200 Hz afaik.


  12. Gianni


    Jul 4, 2001
    Palermo - Italia
    I have taken a look to the bass presets in the TC.
    The lowest low frequency is 160hz.
    I tried to set the frequencies you thoght.
    The low compressor does not work, while, with slap technique, the high compressor always work with both middle and high frequencies destroing the attack of notes.
    Exactly the opposite effect one asks to dual compression.

    Maybe with some tweek of the parameters the situation could be better, but I consider the choice of frequency theoretically wrong so will not try.
    I also discovered that the TC has been discontinued.

  13. Then the unit may only be used as "dual" compression regarding bass, I guess.

    I know. I hope to get either a mono or stereo version cheap but will pay up to the last retail price which was about 250 Euros.
  14. Gianni


    Jul 4, 2001
    Palermo - Italia
    Maybe, but, in my opinion, mostly because it is not very important to compress frequencies higher than 1500-2000 hz, or maybe it is better not to compress them.
    Anyway, setting
    the high compressor works.

    Again I see that with
    high=500 there is too much compression in the high frequencies
    due to the compression provoked by the meddle.

    Compressors do not know music, know frequencies. If you set the first too low, the other two (or at least one of them) will have to work with a too extended bandwidth, for setting correct parameters.

    Furthermore compressors interact with amplifiers and loudspeakers. How many of them manage well the zone 50hz<?
    In my opinion, also for this reason, to dedicate a compressor to that frequencies is a waste of resources.


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