TC Electronics BG250....Fried?....Anyone seen this?

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  1. So I've got the original TC Electronics BG250....the one with TubeDrive and a Single TonePrint. I've had it for a couple of years and used it for home practice only.

    Tonight I went in to play some, turn it on and it lights up a weird set of lights and does not play. It's stuck in this mode. Clip light, TubeDrive Light, E and A tuner lights, Flat tuner light and Power light are all lit solid. No sound.

    I've tried turning it on and off several times and pulled the power cord and restarted. No change.

    Anyone seen this before?

    Is it toast?

    Any suggestions?

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    Your "MUTE" button appears to be pushed in, and the LED is on. Could this have something to do with your no-sound condition at all?
  3. Must be a glare in the photo but the Mute light is not on and pressing the mute switch or any of the switches for that matter does nothing at this point.

    Mute light would be a red light low and left of the actual mute switch.
  4. Is there a reset to factory procedure? Could be the Tone Print toy that is scrambling in the Digital Sound Processor (DSP). It is usually holding certain buttons while powering on.
  5. I haven't found any factory reset procedure. I did try to hook it up to my PC to see if I could enter into update mode (as if I was updating the software) but it doesn't respond to this procedure either. It remains frozen in it's current state.
  6. Sorry, I looked and came up empty as well. Maybe a jumper or small switch is present on the PC Board? Hard to imagine anyone would not include this option, even Line 6 has since day one?
  7. Yeah I had looked for a small pinhole or something thinking it may be a recessed switch but couldn't find anything.....I'm afraid it could be toast....

    Thanks for looking into it and responding!
  8. No problem, sorry I couldn't help. You might try leaving it unplugged from the wall for a couple days and trying again. Worth a shot anyway works with Macbooks that lock up.
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  9. Ha we must be thinking alike. That's exactly what I just did, unplug it from the wall and figured I would try it sometime tomorrow or probably the next day (since I'll likely be amp shopping tomorrow)
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  10. I hope you find that unplugging it works, but I had the same symptoms (in the first week or so), and the verdict was toast. I'm sure if they could have walked me through something, they would have. I was left with a refund or replacement decision.

    I remember seeing a few other reports of similar and don't remember anyone mentioning a magic bullet.

    I know I don't have the best vantage point to judge from, but on a gut level it seems that longer warranties would be a good decision for TCE.

    Good luck.
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    In lieu of a reset, I would recommend a tech looking at it. Sounds like a possible board failure
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  12. That's what I figured...I tried plugging back in today and no luck....I do believe she's toast.

    Thanks for the reply.
  13. Probably nothing wrong with at least checking into what @mrb327 mentioned, but I'd guess that the chances of finding a tech with the specific experience you'd want is pretty close to zero. Maybe the specific experience I'm imagining isn't really necessary, and maybe someone will at least look at it for a minimal charge? Never actually looked into getting an out of warranty amp repaired (thankfully).
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  14. I like the previous analogy to a macbook. Guessing that amp has some serious computer magic going on inside it. If you did spend the time and money to find a tech who could troubleshoot it, chances are vey high that he would tell you that it's a component failure and the fix would be more than the cost of a new one. Sucks. If it was mine, I'd pop it open and keep my fingers crossed for a disconnected wire. And if you see anything that looks melted/fried, at least you'll know. Unplug/re-plug all connectors; couldn't hurt.
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    maybe the mother board needs a new battery,... is that even possible?!!
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    Dec 1, 2014
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    New amp at a local shop did that when I tried it, they sent it to tc electronic and after a bit got a brand new one back with no explanation. Maybe it got a virus?
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    I read through the post (again) and found that you did indeed try my suggestion.... I suppose I need more coffee or something :S

    Posted this thread to the TC Electronic facebook page. Let's see if some social media pressure can get a response.
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