SOLD TC Polytune and Walrus Aetos

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    Clearing out some boxes, all of which are in excellent conditions with very light signs of use. All have dual lock and original boxes, save the Joshwah and Meris. CONUS shipping included. Trade interests are limited to: Darkglass Alpha Omicron, Source Audio C4, Disaster Area MIDI micro.gHost

    Line 6 HX Stomp - SOLD - Original cables and power supply included.

    Walrus Aetos - SOLD- Comes with 2.1mm cabling and IEC power cable.

    Broughton Joshwah - SOLD

    MXR Vintage Bass Octave - SOLD

    Meris MIDIbox - SOLD - Pretty sure this can also be used for Chase Bliss and Empress MIDI devices as well.

    TC Polytune - $45 - Original Version

    Morningstar MC6 MkII- SOLD - Arguably the best MIDI controller available right now.

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