TC RS210's with Markbass little mark iii

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  1. Basically I've bought two RS210 cabs for the portability (and I thought they sounded pretty good for 2x10s) and i need an amp. Im looking at the markbass LM iii because its something I've played a lot in the past and liked.

    What im wondering is how these will pair up; the amp is 100watts rms more than the cabs if i had both hooked up, so if im using both cabs ill have headroom and have to watch how i push it to be safe. But if im using one cab ill have to be careful of the amp clipping and damaging the cab that way because the amps rms wattage will almost halve because of the 8ohm cab vs the 4ohm head.

    It seems like ill be going against both the people who say you need amp headroom AND those who say you need a higher rms rated cab with this setup, depending how its configured.

    Is all this correct?

    Ive been trying to learn about all this recently and im confused by some things that just sound counterintuitive. Like the ohmage decreasing to 4ohms with two 8 ohm cabs, and so on.

  2. I thought I just read the LMiii is rated at 500w into 4 ohms. Those 8ohm cabs are each rated at 400w (which seems really high to me, but what do I know). If all those numbers are correct, you'll be fine and dandy.

    I'm of the school called "Give me lots of amp wattage for the headroom, and I'll listen carefully to make sure I'm not stressing my drivers to their untimely death."

    Mind you, I never got my diploma from that school...
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  3. Low Class

    Low Class

    Jul 4, 2005
    I recently heard a TC BH250 with a RS410 and was VERY impressed with the tone. Maybe check out the TC BH550 also.
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  4. murphy

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    May 5, 2004
    It will sound great....good choice
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  5. Ren1


    May 25, 2014
    You will be fine with the LMiii into either one or two RS210 cabs. I used the LMiii into a single rs210 for years without any problems, often at high volumes. I've occasionally used a second 8 ohm cab and it was fine. More importantly, the combo sounds good. I traded out the LMiii for the LM Tube a few years ago and am pretty happy with it- basically same amp with a few other options. The LMiii provides 300w at 8ohms and 500w at 4 ohms. With two 8 ohm cabs you will be running at 4 ohms, but will not exceed the 400w of either cabinet because the amps power output (500w at 4 ohms) will be spread between the two cabs, in other words 250w per cab. Here is some info on ohms and watts that may useful:
    Amps & Cabs 101 |
    How to Hook Up Heads and Cabinets | Bass Gear | StudyBass

  6. Thank you! This was exactly what I have been trying to confirm for a long time! I have the setup now, had my first gig with it a few days ago and I'm loving it.
  7. I've used that combination and it worked superbly. Great cabs and a great amp.
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