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Tc slow gear clone?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Nephilymbass, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. Might have to check this out.

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  2. farace


    Jul 9, 2016
    Connecticut USA
    I have to wonder if this is simply a repackaging of the Behringer Slow Motion. More sturdy packaging/switching to be sure, but is it the same circuit?
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  3. It is definitely a rebadged Behringer which was just fine in its own right.
  4. gregmon79

    gregmon79 I did it for the muff... Supporting Member

    Dec 20, 2012
    Chicago IL
  5. farace


    Jul 9, 2016
    Connecticut USA
    The bottom line being, I don't need the TC version unless I actually step on my Behringer and break it (which always seems a possibility).
  6. Beat your Behringer to the punch and rehouse it.
  7. I always hear people talk about breaking the Behringer pedals but I've literally never seen any evidence of it online. Care to link one of these occurrences where someone stepped on it and broke it? I've gigged the Behringer super fuzz for years and it has held up as well as anything else.
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  8. farace


    Jul 9, 2016
    Connecticut USA
    That's good to hear. I have not read any instances of one breaking, just many posts concerned about durability.

    Then again, there are some people that can break anything, and sometimes I have to wonder how they managed to do it. Fortunately, I'm not hard on my gear.
  9. 40Hz

    40Hz Supporting Member


    I’ve seen those so-called cheap plastic Behringer cases hold up better to abuse than some much more expensive metal jacketed pedals. They also survive being dropped better than some $$$ boutique pedals I’ve known.
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  10. tfer


    Jan 1, 2014
    My 9 year old son has my old Behringer BDi Pedal, and he STOMPS the hell out of it.

    No problems yet.
  11. BassBrass


    Jul 6, 2009
    Boston MA
    The TC has a Much Better bypass than Behringer ever did. The effects were often excellent, it was the bypass that banned them from my board, just the worst.

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