TE GP-12 Series 6 on the fritz, worth repairing?

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    I bought a Trace Elliot GP 12 amp with the matching 410 cabinet sometime in the mid-90s. I got rid of the cabinet years ago, but still use the amp as my daily driver. It's developed a hum which gets buried when the band plays. However last night at a gig, that hum turned into a very very loud buzzing that was quite audible even when the band was playing.

    About 15 years ago, a bandmate knocked the amp over when it was standing on its end, and it stopped working. I took it to a local shop to get it fixed, but I don't remember the shop name and I don't know if it even exists. Would it be worth repairing, or am I better off saving up for something different? I currently use that amp to power a 210 Avatar and a 115 Ashdown. I do not know the ohm ratings, but I know the head is compatible with the cabs. What are your thoughts?
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    A QUALIFIED service tech experienced in the old Trace gear should have no problem fixing it.

    You might give these guys a call:

    Aviator Audio
    23311 Highway 99
    Edmonds, WA. 98026

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