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Teach me about 1x15s

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Daytona955i, Jun 20, 2005.

  1. Daytona955i


    Feb 17, 2005
    Albany, NY
    I want to add a 1x15 to my 4x10. Yes I have a 4 ohm head and one 8 ohm cabinet already. I was planning on adding another 4x10, but now I'm rethinking my game plan.

    Is a 1x15 and a 4x10 a good combination for metal?

    Bring out the low end and still keep the punch kind of thinking.

    Would I have to put the 1x15 on the bottom? That's the way I see most people's rigs set up, but I have a Peavey 410tx, and its 24 inches wide and 17 inches deep, and a lot of 1x15s don't seem to fit under that.

    Would it make any difference? I'm just asking because I would think it would transfer more rumble through the floor, I figure sound wise it probably doesn't make a difference.

    Could the 1x15 not respond as fast as the 4x10s and make my sound muddy?

    What are some good 1x15s for under or around $300 (* new or used)?

  2. Warpeg


    Jun 20, 2005
    a 410 and a 115 go great together! Most people make the mistake of running both cabs "full frequency", however. The best tone would come from having some kind of a crossover to seperate the highs and lows (410 gets highs, 115 gets lows). By running full frequency into both you will get some phase cancellation and muddiness. By using a crossover you will get a great, loud, full bodied tone from your rig. A 15" speaker is very slugish and full of excursion. A 10" speaker is punchy, fast, and tight. Using both types of speakers will give you a good balance of deep lows and mid-range punch!
  3. Scott Lynch

    Scott Lynch Supporting Member

    Nov 27, 2002
    Delaware, USA
    I'm pretty sure the peavey 115TVX will match the 410TX in terms of width and depth, if you're looking for asthetics. I'm pretty sure the two cabs are about equal in power handling, too.
  4. the Peavey 115BVX is not quite as wide as your 410, but it is deep enough. It will sit on top. But, I myself have a 410tvx and i don't know why anyone would want to have 2 heavy as hell peavey cabinets. i mean, i understand it sound wise, but other than that... that's just torture on your back.

    good luck and let us know if you get it.
  5. DubDubs


    Aug 23, 2004
    Los Angeles
    a 4x10 and a 1x15 would make a great rig. As for a crossover somepeople like bi-amped (w/crossover so lows go to 115 and highs go to 115) setup and some people like full range. That's a personal preference but whichever way you set it up you'll get a great rig for metal or almost any style of music.
  6. Eric Moesle

    Eric Moesle

    Sep 21, 2001
    Columbus OH
    I used to run a 4x10 with a 1x15, tried it both full range, and with crossover as mentioned above.

    I highly prefer two 4x10's running full range instead. Sounds better to me. Louder, DEEPER, and punchier. There is more surface area in 4x10 than with 1x15, and many make the assumption that a 1x15 will give them more low end. That is not necessarily so, it depends on the design and brand of the cabinets. Mine are all Aguilar. YMMV.
  7. Kael


    Dec 26, 2004
    Oklahoma City
    I've always prefered running my cabs full range myself.
  8. tplyons


    Apr 6, 2003
    Madison, NJ
    For metal, I usually used a 2x10 plus a 4x10. But, YMMV, I'm using 15's more now than ever for jazz and blues though.

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