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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by funkopotimus, Mar 12, 2001.

  1. i dont know what i should look for in a good teacher, my teacher is to the point of tlking to me more then teaching me, so i want a new one, theres this one guy i really want to teach me so i've got to talk to him, but what should i look for in a teacher?
  2. I'd say probably someone who teaches you what you want to know. And a little more. :)
  3. Boplicity

    Boplicity Supporting Member

    I've had several teachers over the years and the best ones in every case were bass players FIRST. If you get a guitar player who knows a little about bass, you just won't be happy long term.

    My very BEST bass teacher (and I wish you could have him, but he lives in South America) was both the principal double bassist for the state sympnony and the bass player of the country's number one ranked and longest lasting metal band! They were sort of the Led Zeppelins of the country.

    He was patient, never pushy or insulting, and, most important, because of the depth of his knowledge, he enriched the teaching experience so much more than any guitarist or keyboardest doubling on bass ever could.

    Another one I had was TOO good. Let me explain. He is a session player in Nashville and plays for and tours with some name stars, plus is in his own band and some others. He is brilliant, but intimidating. After every class, instead of feeling that I was progressing, I felt inadequate and like I wasting HIS time. I didn't feel I could ever meet his high standards. So when I moved back to Florida, I was actually relieved to not have to see him anymore.

    The lesson from that is KNOW your objectives. Do you want to be a session player, be in a bar band, play in a signed metal band, replace Jason Newsted, jam in your garage with buddies on weekend afternoons, record a solo album competitive with Vic Wooten or Oteil Burbridge? What? Your objectives as a bass player have a lot to do with what teacher will be the best one for you.

    A good teacher can inspire you, build your confidence, challenge you but never insult, belittle or make you doubt yourself.

  4. in that case i deffinetly have to get this guy to teach me, he's a great player and extremely nice, and he thinks i'm one of the top coming players around where i live, he seems really into me and my playing , so i'm gonna talk to him about lessons, also my dad knows someone who plays in the newfoundland sympharmonic or something, so i think he might ask him who would be good.

    i'm thinkin I'm gonna go with that dude for now though, if he'll take me.

    And thanks a Load Oldsted, really appreciate it, very good advice
  5. wow Ed, those were extremely great, i'm printing them off now, to read again later, i'm going to look even more seriously now for a teacher, there are some great things this guy that i know kan teach me, but i dont think he would cover all the importent aspects of things like reading, writing, transcribing, ear training etc. but he does have some experience and knowledge i would like to learn from, so while i'm looking for another teacher who can show me these things i'm going to try to train with this guy to learn what he can teach.

    Thanks again Ed I'm printing this off so i can get dad to read it to as he'll be helping me look for a good teacher, you've been a huge help. I greatly appreciate it.
  6. jazzbo


    Aug 25, 2000
    San Francisco, CA

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