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Teamp puma 900 vs Streamliner 900 vs Glockenklang blue sky/soul

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by dudi8, Dec 8, 2013.

  1. dudi8


    Apr 13, 2010
    thinking of buying a new amp!
    anyone tried these 3 and can compare?? (the glockenklang blue sky I'm sure no one tried it, but i can guess its pretty similar to the blue soul)

    I'm playing mainly slap,funk,jazz (no overdrive)

  2. I have many gigs on the Blue Soul and the Streamliner, and served as a prototype tester for the revised Puma500/900, and have quite a few gigs on the Puma500.

    All great and quite different in their own way (NOTE: The original two rack space Puma500 was a bit closer to the Blue Soul tone).

    Blue Soul: Unique combination of a very big, extended, fat and warm low end, with a very hi fi, somewhat 'dry' sounding top end (very upper treble extended, very relaxed and uber clean in the upper midrange). Put another way, the Blue Soul will growl nicely down low, and sizzle nicely up top, but will not 'grind' in the upper midrange... very very clean up there. By far the best fit and finish and quality feel of the three.... like a beautiful handmade piece of art. Honest 650 watts, but due to power management design (nicely described and documented in the Bass Gear Magazine review), it is less impressive than you would expect at 8ohms. WUMPS at 4ohms. DI is a complete thing of beauty. A perfect head for that 'Mark King' sort of modern, articulate, clean, wide tone (with my Roscoe, it is really something... brings out that Bartolini 'round low end and upper treble ping beautifully). I don't particularly like it with more vintage/classic instruments, due to its very clean, hi fi top end. I describe it as 'sucking the vintage out of a P and J'. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but could be if you are looking for a more traditional vintage grind and grunt. From the early descriptions of the Blue Sky, this might not be the case with that amp, but don't know.

    Puma500/900: Very nice 'right down the middle' voicing. Warm but clean, very even through the mids, nice treble extension but not hi fi (not super sizzly way up top), honest power rating, decent quality/fit and finish. Very 'plug and play' friendly... sounds nice and even, punchy and full with the EQ flat right out of the box. GREAT EQ points for bumping up the burp (low mid around 250hz I believe), and for either getting aggressive grind up top, or smoothing the upper mids for slapping (upper mid around 800hz I believe. DI is 'B-' since I believe it is permanently ground lifted. Some have reported noise in less than optimal situations. This head is somewhat similar in tone to the Markbass F1/F500 IMO, as a reference point.... clean, 'quick feeling' but not hi fi or clinical. Has a nice 'overall voicing filter (taste control) that moves you to classic Motown through dub in one direction (i.e., rolling off treble and eventually upper mids and mid mids as you crank it), and low end roll-off/mid-mid boost (designed for easily getting fretless 'mwaw') in the other direction.

    Streamliner: The 'love it or hate it' amp, it seems. Among the most 'tubey' sounding of any hybrid... big round fat warm low end. VERY relaxed midrange, which causes problems with cabs that also are wide and relaxed in the mids. Probably the most beautiful 'tube driven' top end in the business. EQ is not straightforward. Like some all tube amps, the EQ and gain are VERY interactive... changing one kind of changes all the others... not very plug and play. With the right cab (i.e., cabs that many would like with an all tube amp) it can sound beautiful and fat and warm and clear. With the wrong cab, it can sound flubby and 'not articulate' and dark. This amp is far from 'flat' with the EQ at noon.

    Safest bet.... Puma900... pure plug and play, and not at all picky with cabs... Sealed cab, fEARful, 410, one way cab, mid driver cab, cab with tweeters..... all sound good with this head, and the 8ohm performance is stunning. Only concern is if you depend on the DI for regular front of house support.

    If you like it 'hi fi' as we use that term on TB (big low end, clean relaxed midrange, super clean, extended treble), the Blue Soul is a thing of beauty, but you need a cab that can take advantage of that voicing IMO and IME.

    If you love to twiddle and tweak (no jokes about that please:p) and are willing to work a bit with cab matching, the Streamliner can give you that elusive 'all tube' feel and tone in a very lightweight package.... but it definitely takes some skill and work for sure.

    IMO, IMO, IMO, and IME:)
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  3. dudi8


    Apr 13, 2010
    Thanks for the amazing reply! I'm currently using an Alembic SC deluxe and Barefaced big baby 2 cab...
  4. Nice rig. I would personally eliminate the Streamliner from consideration with that rig and bass (IMO).

    The Blue Soul would REALLY give you the 'Mark King' with that cab and bass. It would be bigger sounding down low and more crisp up top. The Puma900 would be a very safe bet also with that rig... a bit tighter, punchier, and a touch less hi fi up top.

    PS I went back and cleaned up my original post and added a couple of things, so might want to skim through it again.
  5. dudi8


    Apr 13, 2010
    what about the Puma 1000? tried it?
  6. That is sort of a specialty head. It is a 'dual mono design', so one thing it does that the Puma900 can't do is power two 4ohm cabs (i.e., under 2ohm performance). It has some additional filters designed for use with the 'pleasure board' product (i.e., one channel has some sort of low pass to become a kind of subwoofer amp).

    With your single, full range, powerful 4ohm Barefaced cab, there would IMO be no advantage of the 1000 over the 900. It would be bigger, a bit more expensive (I think) and the key features would not be helpful with our set-up.

    Edit: Not sure what pricing and availability are like in your neck of the woods, but another head to consider possibly is the GK MB800/MBF800. Kind of like a bigger, brighter, more aggressive sounding Puma900. Similar EQ. Pretty nice if you like to grind up top a bit, and at least in the US, an amazing value for the money.
  7. dudi8


    Apr 13, 2010
    Thanks for the help!!
  8. Good luck with the search. I edited in another amp to possibly consider.

    I'm sure other guys will post up their opinions, although given that the Puma and Glock are low distribution 'specialty brands' in the US, probably not that many who have gigged them both on this side of the pond.

    Edit: The Bonafide from TecAmp is even more of a specialty head... true stereo capability (i.e., you can assign each of the two preamps to a separate internal power amp for stereo effects or whatever). That one would also not really give you any advantage over the Puma900 when using a single cab.
  9. One more thing:p

    As I mentioned in my first post, Tom Bowlus did a very thorough review of the Blue Soul in the last issue of Bass Gear Magazine. If you register on the site, there is a free flipbook you can access on the home page. LOTS of detailed info... bench tests, EQ frequency plots, power tests, pictures of the inside guts, etc., etc.

    It just so happens (based on a recent post by Tom B.) that the upcoming issue (which I believe will be active next week) does the same 'look under the hood' full review of the Puma900.

    I would highly recommend checking those out (and supporting the magazine by registering, which must be a pure labor of love for those guys).
  10. dudi8


    Apr 13, 2010
    I will! Thanks!
  11. dudi8


    Apr 13, 2010
    i forgot to add that my cab is 8ohm not 4ohm!
  12. In that case, that would push me more toward the Puma900 or the GKMB800/MBF800. Lots of wump at 8ohms with those IMO and IME.

    I saw the '2' on the Big Baby in your post, and misread that is a 4ohm 212 versus the 'series II' 112. Puma900 should rock the house with that for sure.
  13. dudi8


    Apr 13, 2010
    cause i was really leaning towards the new blue sky :)
    you think the puma will go better with my cab?
  14. I haven't heard the Blue Sky... not sure anyone has. If that is very similar to the Blue Soul, I am not that impressed with its 80hm output, although the tone is wonderful. The Soul/Sky are about the same wattage. The Blue Soul has a very tight, strict power limiting circuit (i.e., no give or tube emulation or burst or whatever in that circuit... when it hits 650 watts, that is it. Of course, with a 4ohm cab, that is a lot of watts. At 350 or so at 8ohms with that hard cut-off, not so much. Not sure about the Sky in that regard.

    However if you don't play super loud, and don't do a lot of slapping or other techniques that slam hard transients into your rig (that is where you really hear the difference) you would probably be fine.

    So, again, if the Blue Sky is a slight tweak of the Blue Soul, and you really need to milk every db out of that cab, you MIGHT be better off with the Puma. If the Blue Sky is its own thing, the who knows... I don't think they even really exist yet!

    Hard to go wrong... again, my only concern is absolute, uncompressed volume at 8ohms.
  15. Bowlus will eventually post up here. Like me, he's drawn like a moth to a flame to the expensive stuff in your title :D He might have some info on the Blue Sky, since he did an interview with the Glock guys a while back.
  16. dudi8


    Apr 13, 2010

    I'm now using a rh750, so i really don't won't to loose volume or power, so i might go on the puma!
  17. This is fun. More info. OK, the RH750 is a great amp, but it is a 'unique' amp, in that it has very strict hi passing down low (not very deep sounding), and it has a lot of fancy compression and tube emulation built in the make it emulate a sort of classic 'tube amp into sealed cab' vibe. It does that very well. If the RH750 is loud and full enough for you at 8ohms, IMO and IME, the Glockenklang (Soul or Sky... pick your poison!) will be FINE for you.

    The Glock (and Puma) will give you much more open, full, deep low end, and cleaner mids.
  18. Hey Bowlus... stop messing around with church and family and football and get serious... there are backline questions that need input here. Sunday is a workday IMO:p:D
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  19. @dudi8
    I'm not sure if this is interesting to you, but Thomann have a special deal on the Puma 900. Normal price in Europe is 1.049€, Thomann's current price is 898€.
    You could buy it, test it, and if you don't like it, send it back within 30 days (money back-no questions asked).

    I also play the Puma 900, but there's almost nothing I could possibly add to what KJung has already said. In addition, I have zero experience with the Streamliner and the Blue Soul anyway.
    I'd describe the Puma as very balanced, neutral, clean, warm (no snarl / growl though) and punchy.
    The EQ and the "Taste" knob give you enough options in terms of tone shaping, dialing back the high mids will give you a great slap sound.
    I'm more of an Aguilar guy, so for me the Puma is a bit too clean and neutral, not 100% my cup of tea, but definitely a great amp.
  20. nostatic

    nostatic Supporting Member

    Jun 18, 2004
    lost angeles, CA
    Endorsing Artist: FEA Labs
    I would echo most of what Ken said. I have a Puma 900 as backup that has been on many gigs. I briefly had a Blue Soul, owned a Streamliner 900, and have also owned/gigged MB, GK, Aguilar, and TC heads.

    To me the Streamliner and TC are in the same ballpark and are not my thing. I could never unbaked the low mid wool in those amps without screwing up the rest of the tone.

    The Blue Soul is a great head but I really like to have my mids and upper mids speak and that head lacks eq in that range in case I need to tweak for a particular room. If you're more into clean/hi-fi it is a great choice, and is built like a tank.

    The Puma 900 is kind of a swiss army knife amp. Every time I get the idea that I'll swap it out for something else I take it out on a gig and am reminded how good it is. The eq points are perfectly chosen (imho), but oddly enough I find that I just do a minor tweak to the taste knob and call it good. Small, light, kicks hard - not much to criticize. The only reason that it is my backup is that I'm in love with Monique/Minnie and no other amp quite cops that vibe.