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TecAmp Black Cat

Discussion in 'For Sale: Europe & International' started by ogar, Nov 11, 2012.

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  1. ogar

    ogar Supporting Member

    Hi guys,

    up for grabs is my beloved TecAmp. This company is known mainly for their lightweight modern sounding Puma/Bonafide line. Well, this bad guy is the total opposite. Not lightweight by todays standards (8.5 kg/19 lbs) and has a very nice tubey tone. Clear, but definitely in the vintage yard. The tone is neatly described in this harmony central review.

    It sports finest-grade point-to-point all tube preamp with rather subtle passive tone controls (usual bass-mid-treble). Most of the tone shaping is done via Colour knob (bright to fat). Efficient digital 2x500W/4ohm or 1000W bridged into 8 ohms power amp gives it plenty of power and headroom to cover anything but maybe the largest venues. All built-in into a sturdy 2U aluminium case. The build quality is excellent, you can see no cutting-corners so typical for today's production.

    I am a third owner, but the unit is in excellent shape. I was told this very piece was owned by the famous Kevin Walker during his European tour with Justin Timberlake, then he exchanged it for Puma 1000. The previous owner bought it directly from the TecAmp owner, then sold it to me. The model is now discontinued, but back then it was sold for around 1900 Euros/1650 pounds. 650 Euros plus actual cost of shipping gets it to your doors (together with TecAmp 2U rack bag). Will ship anywhere, but it requires 220V.

    I am not looking for trades right now, but if you have a nice P/J or P bass, you can give it a try (will probably say no though).

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  2. ogar

    ogar Supporting Member

    another price reduction
  3. ogar

    ogar Supporting Member

  4. ogar

    ogar Supporting Member

    pride goes down to 550
  5. JeanBG


    Dec 28, 2008
    still available?
  6. ogar

    ogar Supporting Member


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