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TecAmp Dream Buzz Deluxe

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by hentor, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. hentor


    Jan 2, 2008
    Toronto, Canada
    When I was in at F-Bass headquarters to pick up my BN5, I spied the TecAmp Dream Buzz Deluxe pedal as George now distributes this line in Canada.

    Having seen very little online about it, I arranged some time last night to check this pedal out...

    It's a very nice, very polite Big Muff clone with a little less edge and grit that takes up a HUGE amount of pedalboard space.

    However it's a very nice, very polite Big Muff clone with a little less edge and grit that, I'm sure, would fulfill someone's fuzz needs.

    I particularly liked the Cream/Milk switch that could be used to cut the amount of bass signal that is affected, with the switch in "Cream" it very much had a chainsaw in chocolate pudding kind of vibe - a warm, full frequency buzz, with nice bass. However it was a little too polite for my fuzz needs.

    In the "Milk" setting it definitely had more edge and was a little less polite sounding, but also sucked out the bass and lower mids, making it sound a little more like you were using a guitar pedal.

    The controls worked as you expect them to, however the fuzz control worked counterclockwise (in my opinion counterintuitivly) in that 0 was on the far right (5 o'clock) of the knob and 10 was on the far left (7 o'clock), whereas all the other knobs worked the "traditional" way.

    Given that I tested it using an F-Bass, it worked equally well with active and passive electronics and sounded lovely through the TecAmp Puma 1 x 12. It also had a nice gnarly sound in a Mark Bass Alain Caron Signature amp...

    Given that my Big Muff needs are handled nicely by a SolidGoldFX modified Sovtek Big Green box, I had little use for this pedal (I was hoping for a more overdrive based pedal). It is a really smooth and polite sounding fuzz that does a great job of applying fuzz to a full spectrum bass sound. It's also HUGE and takes up a lot of space on a pedal board, but it does allow you to tweak that fuzz within an inch of its life...

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