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    For Sale Only:

    TecAmp Puma 1000, Powersoft version. A & B channels are each 500w into 8 ohms, 300w into 4 ohms. Bridged mode is 1000w into 8 ohms. $525 shipped to Lower 48 only. Includes power cord. PayPal only. No trades.


    I purchased this on TB a couple of years ago. The scratches on the top and bottom were there when I got it; I've babied it ever since. I love TecAmp Pumas and have twice sold off newer ICE models as I prefer the slightly smoother sound of the original Powersoft version.

    Soon after receiving it I had an intermittent issue that happened twice and only twice. Upon power up the volume was significantly reduced, it sounded like it was at half normal volume. Powering it down and back up again brought it to normal operation. I talked to Glenn at AustinBassTraders about it and he in turn conferred with TecAmp. I was told not to send it in for service but to keep using it until it happened more regularly (I had already used it dozens and dozens of times without issue before then). It has not reoccurred in two years and both channels and the bridged mode have worked flawlessly ever since, even when run for several hours. It has remained my #1 all this time. Through full disclosure and to account for the two odd occurrences in the distant past I'm offering the unit a few hundred less than if it had not happened.




    Top Scratches ...


    Bottom Scratches ...

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    holy freaking deal.
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  4. wow .....snooze ya loose.

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