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    This amp is awesome! And nearly mint. Hands down the best d class amp out there - save Berg. -perhaps.
    You cannot think of a feature that a bassist would want on an amp that isn't included (see specs later in this description).
    Seriously ! 4.4 lbs -WHAT?!
    The EQ is so intuitive and the taste knob is the perfect on the fly quick mini-tweek u need without messing with the EQ in the middle of a song or set. Built in adjustable compressor. And the best effects loop (with wet/dry knob) that I've ever used! If not for the scratches on the top of the amp - thanks band mate that put crap on top of it the first week I owned it, I would've been able to list this as "MINT".
    So I immediately put it into a rack. The ears are included and easily installed. But the padded case is sweet and makes bringing it home a snap -this thing even has a aux in to pipe your tunes whilst practicing (1/8" cable incl) and a headphone jack to practice at home silently. Also not listed in the description is a crossover option of one of the channels that allows you to pump only subs to one speaker. And in the mono-bridged mode - you can rock the house with the 1000W @4 ohms .

    I'm sorry to have to let this go-but I purchased a jule Monique and need to fund it - and will be pairing that with an A class amp.

    Reasonable offers WILL BE considered!!- no trades please.

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    Full Description

    The Puma 1000 is extremely small in size but very big on sound. Only the finest materials and components are utilized in order to create a high performance amplifier that evenly reproduces the entire frequency range and delivers solid, articulate, accurate, and ultra dynamic bass sound.

    Exclusive features of our ultra-flat premium input stage sets new standards in this amplifier class. Carefully selected frequencies and optimal notch width of PUMA's tone controls suit all musical styles. All PUMA series amps boast a four-band tone control section which lets you easily dial in any sound you want. No more turning knobs all night...

    The TASTE control emphasizes the tonal characteristics of the individual instrument. Set at 12 o’clock, the control has no effect on the signal. Turn it counter-clockwise to filter out the perfect amount of ultra-low frequencies while enhancing a pronounced mid range. This delivers definition and clarity while retaining power and fullness. Turn it clockwise to soften the upper mids and highs. This yields a darker “old school” bass sound.

    Additional features such as the Effects Loop, Tuner Out, Line Out, Line In, and three Speakon® outputs and a DI Out with Pre/Post switch make the PUMA series amps extremely versatile. PUMA amplifiers are ideal for worldwide touring due to their voltage selector switch which allows them to be operated at 230 or 115 volts.

    Additionally, the Puma 1000 features our newly developed compressor which allows for subtle dynamic alterations without any level changes. You can also choose between a long and a short attack time which provides even more breathtaking sound variations from subtle leveling to enhanced attack, to almost unlimited sustain. The Effects Mix and Line In are located on the front panel for easy access. The MUTE function is foot switchable. The equalizer section is further expanded by switchable bass (30Hz) and treble (10kHz) boosts.

    The overall result is an amp with impressive live performance characteristics, and with an unbeatable power-to-weight ratio. With two volume controllable digital power amps delivering 500 watts each (1000 watts in bridge mode) the PUMA 1000 brings exceptionally wide frequency response, quickness, headroom, control, and refinement to any stage in the world.

    Our TecAmp Puma series combines enormous power, ultra light weight, flexibility, and “utility” to raise the bar in a completely new generation of bass amplifiers.

    Technical Specifications

    Output Power Rating
    Output RMS 2 x 500 w (2 ohms), 2 x 350 w (4 ohms)
    1 x 1000 w (4 ohms) bridged mode or 1 x 700 w (8 ohms)
    Width 10.7 in
    Height 3.2 in
    Depth 9.9 in
    Weight 4.41 lbs
    Other Features
    Cooling temperature controlled fan
    Power Amp Class D amplifier module, separate volume control for CH-A and CH-B and bridged mode option
    Power Supply switching power supply

    $775 shipped conus.


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