SOLD TecAmp Puma 500 (Powersoft)

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    I'm selling my TecAmp Puma 500 that I purchased from here - SOLD - Tecamp Puma 500 (Powersoft)

    Selling as the band I was in is kaput, I don't know when or if I'll play live again, and I have six amps stacked up in my practice room.

    The amp is in the same condition as I received it. Functionally flawless, though there was/is some very slight crackling on the master gain from zero up to the 9 oclock range.

    Comes in the padded case, (the amp is screwed in and vented,) and the original box with rack ears. Asking price is shipped CONUS. Paypal preferred.

    TecAmp Puma 500 Front.JPG TecAmp Puma 500 Back.JPG

    Clarification - someone mentioned to me that the upper left corner was bent. I think it may be how the shadow appeared in the photo.

    TecAmp Puma 500 Upper Left Corner.jpg
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