SOLD Tech 21 SansAmp Para Driver DI Preamp Guitar Effects Pedal V2 Version 2

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    DSC02359.JPG Tech 21 SansAmp Para Driver DI Preamp Guitar Effects Pedal V2 Version 2
    $140.00 US . . . free shipping

    This floor version of our RPM rackmount provides the same detailed tone shaping possibilities for any signal source. It is particularly useful with acoustic, electric and bass guitars, and upright bass, either direct to a mixing console or with an instrument amplifier. The Para Driver DI gives your instrument a natural warmth and presence, as if miking it through a tube pre-amp. The SansAmp circuitry eliminates the harsh, unnatural harmonics of piezo pickups, while the Drive control offers some tasteful edge - just a little or over-the-top.

    Version 2 has exactly the same tonality and functionality with the addition of two new features: Rumble Filter and Air. The Rumble Filter removes unwanted sub-sonic frequencies that cause boominess and audible handling noises associated with acoustic guitars. The Air button adds top-end clarity and sparkle to acoustics.
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