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techinques of tuneing a bass

Discussion in 'Technique [BG]' started by Element182, Mar 4, 2003.

  1. Element182


    Mar 4, 2003
    i want to know some techniques of tuning a bass guitar i play in a punk band with some friends so what is the best for tuneing a bass can anyone help?

    squire fender p - bass
    ernie ball slinky strings
  2. You can use a tuner. But if you know atleast one string is in tune you can use these two techniques:

    One is that the 5th fret and the 7th fret on the next string over are the same note, so you can tune to that

    Two is the harmonics tuning. Play your harmonic on the 5th fret and let it ring, then play your harmonic on the 7th fret of the next string and let it ring too. It will make a wavy type of sound and just tune the string in which you hit the 7th fret harmonic till you cant hear the wavy sound anymore.

    or you can just go out and buy a tuner, much simpler that way ;)
  3. Wrong Robot

    Wrong Robot Guest

    Apr 8, 2002
    the 5th fret is the same as the next string played open.

    not the 7th...thats for harmonics.
  4. sigterm

    sigterm Supporting Member

    Feb 5, 2003
    Atlanta G of A
    anyone ever tried using the tv? or a flourescent bulb?
  5. Element182


    Mar 4, 2003
    what you mean?!
  6. sigterm

    sigterm Supporting Member

    Feb 5, 2003
    Atlanta G of A
    info from here

    ive never and doubt i would ever try it but its intereresting none the less.
  7. Element182


    Mar 4, 2003
    hmmmmm i have a tuner
  8. WillPlay4Food

    WillPlay4Food Now With More Metal! Staff Member Supporting Member

    Apr 9, 2002
    Orbiting HQ
    Excellent post, way_of_opiatism!

    I'm personally very interested in the mathematics of music, and your post made my day! :)

    I'd like to figure out if the mathematical values representing intervals between notes that are pleasing to humans are in any way related to base e (the natural exponent). The formula you show above (and the site you linked) may help me on my quest.

    Thanks again. :)
  9. yea thats what I meant...
  10. Ziggy


    May 9, 2001
    Orange County, CA
    ...also, the dial tone on your phone (U.S.A.), is at a 440 'A'.

  11. Garry Goodman

    Garry Goodman

    Feb 26, 2003
    my dial tone is a Bb-Have I been cheated? Listen the guy who sold me my bass told me it came tuned already from the factory!
  12. My phone rings an F. Is it different in different regions or something?
  13. Garry Goodman

    Garry Goodman

    Feb 26, 2003
    yeah,it's a plot to implant subliminal information in the frequencies,the ailiens want ech group of people to complete a different task-
  14. Isn't that a city in China?

    I can drop my old Fender off of the roof and it stays in tune.