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Discussion in 'Ask Steve Lawson & Michael Manring' started by noctourn, Nov 1, 2001.

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    Nov 1, 2001
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    steve and forum people- i heard that you work with technology doing your solo bass stuff. i am a drummer and a bassist looking to do a solo project in the future. i have a couple ideas about using technology that i would like to see come to fruition, but i need some help. one is to set up some kind of integrated sampling situation where i have a pad on the drum kit that i can hit on the one of an entire form and play through the form, trade fours, whatever....and then hit it again on the last beat and have it loop. then i would hop on bass and sample myself playing the low end through the form probably with some kind of pedal. then i would play the melody and solo through the form. i would like the sampling of the bass and drums to be integrated and i would like to have it set up so that i could drop one thing out at a time and take over the role for soloing or morphing a composition, etc. the second idea is to create a program that takes a set of variables and creates a musical soundscape out of it. one variable could be a time signature, and standard composition could be an element, but i am also looking to do something that deals with sound in terms of an equation, where you have a low end tone that takes a certain path and then you have a sound environment being set up that is kind of harmonic but not really in the sense of chrods....more just sounds. one way of doing this is through fractals. do you or does anybody on the forum have any ideas about how i could do these kinds of things?
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    To the first of your questions, the Repeater is the only box that I know of on the market that will do all that - allow multi channel looping, allowing you to independently mix what's going on - I'm not sure of the specifics of working with it, but I've seen someone do what you're talking about with it in a demo...

    For the maths stuff - you'd better find out if Brian Eno has a forum where you can post questions - he's the only guy I know of who's exploring music in quite that way... that's way beyond my level of competance... :oops:)

    good luck