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Tele Bass but with rounded top horn like a tele?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by PastorofMuppets, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. Does anyone have a bass like that?

    I love the telecaster design, the rounded top horn and the headstock shape. I think it would be great if fender made this type of bass.

    Does any one have a custom model like that. I did see a bass made by crook with that design.

    Show me what you have.
  2. you can build it...Warmoth has the shape, or USACG...

    As well as the headstock shape.
  3. Dark Horse

    Dark Horse Supporting Member

    Jul 31, 2008
    Austin, TX
    G&L ASAT
    Fernandez used to make one
    I "think" Schecter did for a bit
    Also, there's a guy on Ebay who sells that style body
  4. RCCollins

    RCCollins Supporting Member

    Mar 23, 2008
    San Diego, California
    G&L ASAT bass is as close as you'll get to a "fender" with that body shape. Most folks agree that it isn;t an ideal shape for balance: i.e. it's prone to neck dive. YMMV.
  5. kellyrojo


    Feb 16, 2011
    South Carolina
  6. Jared Lash

    Jared Lash Born under punches Supporting Member

    Aug 21, 2006
    Northern California
    Chris Stambaugh has a stock model called the Fossil that is very Tele-like.

    TBer Flaked Beans even mocked it up as a singlecut and I thought it looked pretty good.


    Chris said he'd build that if I wanted and is very flexible on headstock design too. His standard is oiled wood finishes but for an upcharge you could get it finished in any color you want. Just a thought.

    While looking up Delano pickups I also found this bass from Eliezer Lara guitars who I'd never heard of previously.

    Telle Custom - 5 strings - Delano Pickups - Bass Demonstration - YouTube

    Both of these have somewhat oversized bodies to help with balance. The G&L ASAT's body is more compact but IME those basses neck dive like crazy.
  7. Relayer71


    Jun 25, 2009
    There was a poster here, BassShifter21, who made custom basses - I remember seeing pics of a good Tele bass of his a while ago.
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  8. Relayer71


    Jun 25, 2009
  9. Dark Horse

    Dark Horse Supporting Member

    Jul 31, 2008
    Austin, TX
  10. ack

    ack Why Can't We All Get Along?

    Nov 19, 2006
    Somewhere near Raleigh
    This was my attempt at making one:
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  11. lowfreq33


    Jan 27, 2010
    Endorsing Artist: Genz Benz Amplification
    The body Warmoth makes appears to have the right idea. The proportions are slightly elongated to put the upper strap button closer to the headstock, helping balance the instrument better. I personally think the proportions look more "right" for a bass with the longer neck.
  12. basssetupfinal.

    the black Fernandez fretless on the left is Tele-style...a very well-balanced design: no neck-dive problems at all.
  13. OriginalSnub


    Aug 19, 2009
    Dayton, OH
    Landing makes a short scale tele.
  14. Dark Horse

    Dark Horse Supporting Member

    Jul 31, 2008
    Austin, TX



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  15. This is hot and something I am gassing for now.

  16. knigel


    Apr 20, 2009
    Hopedale, MA
    I'm the Squier of Fenderbirds
    Well, thanks for that link. Now I've got another project brewing I don't need and can't afford (But somehow, I've already figured out how much I need for the parts, and contacted the seller about doing a dual P. THIS IS NOW HAPPENING.)

    Anyway, has anyone else used this body? Any comments on the quality? Is it a tele-size body routed for bass, or slightly bigger?
  17. knigel


    Apr 20, 2009
    Hopedale, MA
    I'm the Squier of Fenderbirds
    Hey, I've been in contact with that builder from ebay. Can someone help me--how much bigger is an G&L ASAT bass body versus a telecaster guitar body? I feel like a tele guitar body is a lot smaller than the ASAT body, but from pictures online it's hard to tell, and I don't believe I've ever come across an ASAT.

    One lead, on TDPRI, seems good, but their site is down. Information is scarce, but I swear I searched! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, Tim, the guy from ebay, is super cool. He answers questions very quickly, and has been super helpful. Haven't ordered my body yet, but I plan on it, and look forward to seeing his work.
  18. grendle


    Mar 4, 2011
    Central FL
    New Spector Rex Sig. Is pretty much a tele.
  19. grendle


    Mar 4, 2011
    Central FL
    This one, NT as well.

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