Tell a P-Bass Player what to expect from a Spector Euro 4 with a TonePump/BTS

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by kickysam49, Mar 7, 2022.

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    Feb 28, 2022
    I made a less specific post before.

    I love my P-Bass. It's a standard, upgraded with Hipshot KickA$$ bridge, brass nut, Hipshot bass extender. Passive pickup.

    I'm either gonna get a new P-Bass (I need another gigging bass) or I am gonna buy a Spector Euro 4 based only on reputation and some of my favorite players playing them. Unfortunately I have no one nearby that carries any of the Euro or US Spector lines, so I can't try before I buy.

    I know they are a different beast. But I'd like to know more. What can I expect in terms of overlap? What can I expect to be an adjustment?

    Too big of a leap? I can still find a second P-Bass, I'd just like those with experience with passive P-Basses and instruments like the Spector Euro 4 (LX with tonepump or Classic with BTS) to help me compare.
  2. epoxo57


    Feb 17, 2005
    Perrysburg, Ohio
    I did the opposite and went back to P-basses from an NS-2 and Euro 4's. The Spectors are built like tanks, solid with a growly, snarly tone depending how you dial in the on-board EQ. Ergonomically very comfortable to play and that body is just plain sexy! lol Tonally, I switched direction toward a more vintage, Motown-ish, sit in the mix, tone so the P-bass was the obvious choice. I also love the fat, P bass grind with a pick and roundwounds. For my taste, I couldn't dial in a good P sound from just soloing the P pickup. Maybe from the active EMGs but most likely the reverse P config on the Spectors. I realize guys and gals go with passive pickups from Aguilar and others but I never tried that once I got the Fenders. The Spectors have more frets so the necks seemed so long compared to the Fenders. Not a bad thing but if you are in the middle of a set and switch between the two, there is an adjustment (maybe just for me). The regular Euros kind of have a chunky neck but there is a 1.5" Wimbish neck as an option that is what I had on two of the Euros and they rocked!

    I do miss the Spectors when I get in that Alice in Chains/Queensryche mood. Once you turn the on-board EQ they become beasts and hit those album tones perfectly. All in all, I'd say having a P and a Spector will really diversify your tonal palette! Good luck!