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Tell me why the Deluxe Bass Big Muff is (supposed to be) bad

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Inconnu, Dec 23, 2018.

  1. Hi!

    I’m debating right now the idea of replacing my regular Bass Big Muff (BBM) for a few different issues that features on the Deluxe Bass Big Muff (DBBM) would help me settle:

    1. I use basses with high output and the the BBM seems to be driven too much. The -10 db switch of the DBBM should solve that and allow a better control over the level of fuzz/sustain and tone I get.

    2. It’s hard to control the overall clean and effected sound with the BBM. The blend on the DBBM should solve that.

    3. When blended, I feel my clean sound sticks out too much in the mid region with the BBM. It sounds too much like 2 independant sounds playing in unison instead of complementing each other. The DBBM’s low pass filter of the clean end of the sound should help.

    BUT... specially since the Sovtek Muff was released, lots of people say the DBBM simply sucks... Why? What is wrong with it?
  2. I've had mine for a while but have recently decided to sell it. It's a fine pedal IMO. Not bad, not great, just fine. I've found that even with the filters, you still have a bit of the separation in sounds. The fuzz circuit on the new sovtek/green russian reissue is in my and many other's opinion superior to the one in the bbm. This as well as the ability to control your mids on the new sovtek, might actually prove better than the filter on the dbbm (not totally sure about that though) at unifying your clean and distorted signals. If I was in your position now, I would personally go for the sovtek deluxe over the dbbm.
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  3. Well... hmmm... I’ll wait for local store to stock the Sovtek Deluxe and try these.

    The major point is unifying the clean and effected sounds, otherwise my BBM sounds fine, really (using a comp after helps).

    To be continued...

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