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  1. Hi.
    What kind of exercices can be useful to strengthen the "tempo", (no to run) and to adquire a solid playin'?
    F Gilabert
  2. Er, um....

    ...try using a Metrono...oh! hello Jeff, ooops! sorry , I've just remembered - my rice pudding's getting burned - must dash... byeeee... (whooooshhhh!)

    - Wil
  3. I usually start out with some toe touches, then I do 30-45 minutes of cardiovascular exercise, followed by some sit-ups or light weight lifting
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    Mar 9, 2000
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    Enough fun now guys, give the man a break he is logging on from Spain.

    fgilabert - I think you are asking how to develop a steady sense of time/tempo so you will not speed up. Only one real answer there ... lots of practice with a metronome (despite what Jeff Berlin says). Nothing will help you develop a solid internal "clock" as quickly as the metronome. If you search the archives here for "metronome" you will find many suggestions and some heated discussions - look for postings by Ed Fuqua.
  5. Indeed a metronome is an invaluable tool. I recommend that you spend most of your practice time with a metronome. However, I have also discovered that one can also use a metronome as a crutch (I certainly do at times). Thus, it's a good idea to record yourself periodically, without the metronome. Listen back carefully. Is your sense of time clear and well presented? Are you rushing through rests or long, sustained notes?
  6. Marcus Johnson

    Marcus Johnson

    Nov 28, 2001
    When you do use the metronome, remember to set it at a slow pace first, for any given exercise. Increase the speed only when you can play the exercise cleanly. Some people never seem to bother how to learn to play at really slow tempos; it's just as important as playing fast. One good way to strengthen your sense of time is to set the metronome to only play on beats 2 & 4, or even just on beat 1.
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    PLaying slow seems to strengthen the old hand too - makes you play notes cleanly and giveas you no excuse for lack of OOOOOOOOMMMPPPFF
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    Nov 4, 2001
    Put the metronome as slow as possible -- mine goes down to 35bpm -- and plays half notes, quarter notes,.... I'll then play melodies and solo at that tempo. Then double, quarduple, etc., against the metronome. Knock it up a few clicks and then do it again.