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Ten Years After!

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by allan grossman, Sep 25, 2002.

  1. [​IMG]

    Listening to their 1991 "Essential" compilation.

    Eric Clapton wasn't God, Alvin Lee was. The live version of "I'm Going Home" is one of the two or three best pieces of rock and roll I've ever heard.

  2. Cool band. I saw them in '72 or '73 and it was a great show. I would much rather listen to Alvin Lee's blues playing over Clapton's.

    And the rest of the band wasn't too shabby either.
    I think I'll put Live in Europe on and turn it uploud .
  3. Yeah another date yourself thread.

    TYA was just one of those perfect bands.
    The disk A time and space is probally my favorite.

    I never was a big clapton fan, I always leaned towards Zappa, Nugent, Lee, Beck, Ronson, Buchanan.

    Their power was always much sweeter than clapons sweetness.
  4. Allan, you're about the fifth person I've heard say that. I must agree. It is an unbelievable recording.

    Gruffpuppy's mentioning Roy B. makes me wonder what other great music he would have put out if he had lived. :(

    Mike J.
  5. JimK


    Dec 12, 1999
    Another player that almost parallels Roy B's sad ending-
    Danny Gatton.
    Redneck Jazz? He was a monster...

    The thing I remember most about 10 Years After...Lee's licks were almost solos in & of themselves.
    What is 10 Years After's debut record?

    And while we're going down memory lane-
    I flipped thru Comdey Central today & caught 2 minutes of Beat The Geeks.
    The "Music" Geek(cough-cough) was asked to name 3 Jeff Beck albums.
    The Geek sez, "Really, none were any good..."
    He then names Truth, Beck-Ola & what he calls "the Al DiMieola inspired, NON-CLASSIC, Blow By Blow.

    Non-Classic?! ***?! This dude has gotta be deaf &/or clueless!

  6. Yep, Jeff Beck sucks. Did the guy ever put out a good disk?
    Freeken geek.
    Probally thinks Stairway and Freebird are short songs.

    Rumour has it that Danny killed himself while in a depression over Roys death.
  7. I thought it was called Ten Years After.

    A friend is/was really into them.
    The disks sssh, crinklewood green, watt, stonedhenge, and time are all classics.

    got to love the era, stonedhenge.
  8. PunkerTrav


    Jul 18, 2001
    Canada & USA
    I have the Woodstock DVD and it has them playing "im going home". AMAZING!! It's an unbelievable performance.

  9. JimK


    Dec 12, 1999
    Yeah, I was there(sorta).

    Thanks, Gruffs, for the 70's Rock info(you're the man!).

    Is the Woodstock DVD really worth owning?
  10. DaveBeny


    Mar 22, 2000
    London, UK
    It's alright, but far better is the 1970 Isle of Wight Festival DVD. Ten Years After, The Who, Hendrix, ELP, etc., and even a bit of Miles Davis!
  11. Shows you how different peoples' takes on musicians can be.....(I guess that's one reason they call it "art").

    I never thought Alvin Lee was much at all and got into a snit about him when I did music for reviews for the underground high school newspaper in 1969-70. His pickups were wired so that they distorted one note into another and made him seem like he was playing twice as fast as he really was. But he had the awe of many people.

    To me, Jeff Beck was/is a "guitar god." I never liked all of his work but he has always been on the cutting edge and showing the way for other guitarists. His work with the Yardbirds shaped rock.

    Another uneven guitarist from the "olden days" was Dave Edmunds. His guitar on Love Scupture's version of Khachaturian's "Sabre Dance" is something these would scare the black short-pants off of today's overweight, tattooed, detuned, PRS chord-slammers.

    Alice Cooper's Glen Buxton could burn up an amp in the rock idiom, too.
  12. I have always felt that there were better guitarists around than Alvin Lee, and that Clapton was one of them (note definite use of the past tense!).

    But, having said that, "I woke up this morning" is one fine track.
  13. JimK


    Dec 12, 1999
    Hey Rick-
    Is it true Buxton(RIP) didn't really play that much guitar post-School's Out?
    Seems I read that studio guys played on some the records while extra guitarists hadda be employed in live settings.
    Basically, the band was on the verge of giving him das boot.
    I'm assuming you saw AC a lot in their early daze(?).

    The Isle Of Wight DVD sounds good to me!

    Oh yeah.
    I don't buy many vids or DVDs-
    That said, the Woodstock Jazz Festival with Corea, Braxton, Vitous, Metheny, & DeJohnette, etc smokes.
    Miroslav plays one of the baddest bowed bass solos I've heard(I really don't like BOWED bass, either).
    Braxton's alto solo on "Impressions" is like Coltrane on acid; yeah, it's that heavy. ;)
    The concert is from '81...so, the guys are really in their prime.

    The disc is sorta 'raw' & loose; I love the scene where Braxton is vocalizing the head of a tune to Vitous.
    The disc opens with some "no name"/local talent(?)...they're pretty damn heavy, too.
    All in all, a pretty interesting & entertaining DVD.
  14. As usual, you're correct, IME, Jim.

    Not only saw a lot of them, but my old band was in the same HoJo's in S. Illinois they were staying in during the "starving" days.

    He was on fire when I saw him lay it out for "Love It To Death", "Killer" and "School's Out." He was the only guy in the band who really knew music before the band got going (and he could play bass, too!).

    Word at the time was his ego was running away with him. That may have been true but his real problem that led to his death in the late 90's was the bottle.
    What a loss :(

  15. I must say the fact that Glen was mentioned just gave me a chill.
    One you get past the theater, which was hard for a lot of people, AC was a incredible band.
  16. JimK


    Dec 12, 1999
    I was into the AC band big time...

    Have you gus heard or heard of the Dunaway-Smith-Bouchard band...they were called Eye Scream(or sumthin' like that). Anyway, It's Dennis Dunaway, Neil Smith, & Joe Bouchard(guitar; he was in BOC).
    I've seen mention of this disc at Neil Smith's site; kinda pricey, though.

    Sorry about getting off 10 Years After.
    A nice thread like this gets its legs in "Off Topic" while the honey from American Idol gets a thread in "Recordings".
    It's a mad, mad world...
  17. Uh uh. But thanks for the tip off. I gave up after "Billion Dollar Dollar Babies." Hunter and Wagner were the nutz but it just didn't work for me like it did with Reed.

    As incredible as Smith was on drums, I heard his ego ran away with him, too.

    Sorta back to gruff's thread, I didn't off on Lee's bass player. He just seemed like a simplistic thumper on the E and A strings who knew he'd better give up the show to the egomaniac, Alvin Lee........Just my opinion.

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