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  1. Well, today ive come down with some pretty nasty tendonitis in my right hand, it hurts to grip stuff and its to the point where I think it might be a bigger issue.
    Does anyone have any at-home tendonitis treatments i could try?
    Ibuprofen doesnt work, Ive been taking it for so long and at such a high dose that it does next to nothing anymore.
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    Definitely get to a doctor in case it isn't something more serious. I've found wrist brac s help with carpal tunnel.
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    Jan 6, 2020
    Rest. There is no easy way really, ligaments, tendons anything with elasticity under tension, needs rest. Been there, done that. Took a month off.
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    Naproxen helps me, good luck...
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    Nabumetone (aka Relafen) is also better than Ibuprofin (took 2400mg/day for a couple years) if you absolutely need regular anti-inflammatory medication.