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SOLD Tesla Corona - 5SF Pickups -- GREAT Upgrade for EMG-40HZ Pups!

Discussion in 'For Sale: Parts, Strings, and Accessories' started by a2zbassman, Nov 4, 2016.

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    North Dakota
    I've got a set of Tesla Corona 5SF Pickups for sale only, no trades please.

    These are in near perfect condition, no string marks or scratches.

    These are EMG 4.0 size drop in replacements. String spacing is up to 20mm at the bridge. These, IMHO, are a HUGE upgrade from the EMG HZ series pickups. I swapped out the HZ's in a Schecter bass I had with a set of Teslas', and wow what a difference! These sound incredible with a Bart 3-band preamp, and I'm sure would sound great with any quality preamp. They are 4 wire pups so you can wire in series or parallel, currently set up series. I tried them both ways, and each way sounded great.

    $80 PayPal shipped to CONUS/Lower 48. Will ship anywhere but you pay for the added cost. I paid 142 for the set new.



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  2. Seems like I've got a million bills to pay before the end of the month, would like to sell asap . . . Will entertain all reasonable offers.
  3. I was asked to describe my impression of these vs the EMG HZ specifically. This was my reply.

    . . . This was actually the 2nd set I bought from them. Had a 6 string Schecter Custom with a bolt on neck I upgraded first.

    I've never been a fan of EMG, especially the HZ. Not enough low and low-mid thump, and too much brittle highs. These have great low end thump. I'd say they get closer to the Bart CB series on low end, but not having the airy upper mid/high presence as the Bart. The 6 string set on the Schecter bolt on seemed more modern and snappy, this 5 string set was tried in a neck thru and didn't have as much snap/modern vibe. Not sure if that's due to lack of consistency in production (i.e. All batches of their pups sound a little different) or the bass itself. I replaced these with SGD Neos, and nearly reinstalled these after the first week, until I learned how to eq the neos. I had to boost the low mid signal on these, while cutting it a bit on the SGD pickups to achieve similar tone.

    Hope that helps.
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