Tex Mex Tele Pickups

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  1. Does anyone know anything about these pickups? I have a Tex-Mex strat and I know what materials they are made of.

    I've agreed to buy a Nashville Telecaster which has Tex Mex Tele pickups. However, these are not listed in the Fender catalogue.

    Are they made of the same magnet material and overwound, like the Tex-Mex strat pickups?
  2. Thanks. I did search the review database - all of the reviews said that the Tex Mex guitars are the best value (I agree - that's why I have both - Mexican assembly and prices but all American parts).

    I just want some specs for the Tele pickups but funny, they aren't sold separately like the strat pickups.
  3. Oh well. In case anyone else wants to know, I emailed Fender and they actually responded in only a few hours. That was a bit shocking.

    Actually, I'm a bit miffed...I just realized that they advertise the Nashville Telecaster as having US-made electronics but it says here that they are made in Mexico!!!

    I'm going to send another email...

    Pickup: Tex Mex Tele
    Position: Bridge
    Part Number: 0050893000
    Description: This pickup was specially designed to add power and punch to the Tele bridge sound. The tone is powerfully raw and full, with a smooth edge at the top end. The 10 K pickup is designed to compete with a full size humbucker for output and attack. The 10 K is a California design, made in Fender's Ensenada pickup shop.
    Wire: #42 Polysol
    Turns: 10,000
    Bobbin: Plastic
    Magnet: Alnico 5 Level
    DC Resistance: 8.0 K ohms
    Inductance: 4.2 Henries
    DC Resistance: 8.0 K ohms
    Appearance Details: Level Pole Pieces
    U.S. MSRP: $29.95
    Source: MEXICO

    Pickup: Tex Mex Tele
    Position: Neck
    Part Number: 0053112000
    Description: This pickup was specially designed for a sweeter response. The tone is open for a rich full sound. The tonal blend being similar to that of pickups more closely associated with the Strat sound. This unique pickup is a California design, and another in a series of pickups made in Fenders Ensenada pickup shop.
    Wire: #42 Polysol
    Turns: 8000
    Bobbin: Plastic
    Magnet: Alnico 5 Level
    DC Resistance: 6.0 K ohms
    Appearance Details: Level Pole Pieces, Chrome plated brass cover
    U.S. MSRP: $28.00
    Source: MEXICO
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    Dec 11, 1999
    I had a Tex Mex Strat. I understand that the Tex mex pups are a cheaper version of the Texas Specials. There's a rumour that the Texas Specials are actually Van Zandts. I would hazard a guess and say that Lindy Frailins are in that teritory. Give them both an e-mail.

    EDIT whoops no site http://www.mikelull.com/pickups/van_zandt.htm

    and lindy fralin wont answer e-mail


    shut up CS
  5. It's funny because when I was juxtaposing the Tex-Mex Strat and Tele pickups, the strat bridge pickup was hotter than the Tele.

    It's a bit moot because I just bought the Tele...I like the Tex-Mex stuff 'cause I keep finding them brand-new but heavily discounted (like 50% off!)! Whoo!

    But isn't that blurb false advertising? They said US-made electronics but the pickups are clearly Mexican?

    Maybe I should register on Fender Forum and see if anyone has noticed this...
  6. The FDP is a great place to go regarding Fender anything, they have a lot of VERY knowledgeable people there.

    I was banned over a year ago :D
  7. Ha, I posted my emails on Fender Forum and they were removed overnight. I guess Fender doesn't want any bad thread - even if they are completely true!!!

    Still, I'm a bit miffed 'cause I was told that my Tex Mex Strat had all-American parts when I bought it and now they say the Tex Mex pickups are definitely Mexican.

    I'll never trust a guitar store salesperson again...NEVER EVER...