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Texas Tour! Dallas, Denton, Houston, San Antonio & Austin

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [DB]' started by damonsmith, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. I will have my Chadwick for these concerts!

    Two Improv groups

    Where: Ten Records 338 W Jefferson Blvd, Dallas, Texas 75208

    When: 2018-02-15, 7:30pm

    Performers: Damon Smith+Sarah Ruth+Kevin Butler
    Monte Espina+Steve Jansen

    Damon and Steve are coming from Boston and Phoenix, so this gathering promises a wide input of different air.

    $10 suggested donation, no one will be turn away from lack of funds.

    Birgit Ulher / Damon Smith / Chris Cogburn

    Where: Nebulae 1008 Cordell Street Denton, Texas

    When: 2018-02-17, 8pm

    Performers: Trio
    Birgit Ulher, trumpet, radio, speaker, objects
    Damon Smith, double bass
    Chris Cogburn, perc

    Danny Kamins / Andrew Durham / Damon Smith

    Where: Khon's 2808 Milam St, Houston, TX 77006

    When: 2018-02-18, 9pm

    Performers: $10 donation

    Set one:
    Robert Pearson - keyboard

    Set two
    Danny Kamins - Saxophone
    Andrew Durham - bass guitar
    Damon Smith - double bass

    Set Three
    Carol Ann Sandin - electronics
    Austin Cooley - electronics

    Birgit Ulher / Damon Smith / Chris Cogburn

    Where: High Wire Gallery 326 W. Josephine Street San Antonio, Texas

    When: 2018-02-20, 8pm

    Performers: Matter Matters - solo

    Birgit Ulher, trumpet, radio, speaker, objects
    and trio with
    Damon Smith, double bass
    Chris Cogburn, perc, electronics

    No Idea Festival 2018

    Where: Austin, TX

    When: 2018-02-22,

    Performers: Thursday 2/22 set 3:
    Birgit Ulher - trumpet, radio
    Mij Yelend - flute, saxophone
    Thomas Lehn - synthisizer
    Damon Smith - double bass
    Chris Cogburn - percussion & electronics

    Friday 2/23 set 4
    Akira Sakata - alto saxophone
    Damon Smith - double bass
    Stefan Gonzalez - drums

    Feb, 22- 25

    No Idea 2018
  2. Denton tomorrow!
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