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    regarding a bittersweet bass transaction recently I must commend the up front handling of serious issues by the Lady in charge to the degree that I simply dropped further discussion in respect to her honesty, integrity, and willingness to make my experience with them the best they could. she actually recalled the whole ordeal the store had to go thru in shipping to my semi-unique situation and changed my perspective quite positively. I may have her name misspelled but, 'Bree' was the epitome of caring helpful class and the polar opposite of the general assumptions with pawn shops and deserving of a big thanx of appreciation.
    ultimately, I have a new favorite and a happier pov which makes this cool $120 bass even better.
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  2. I don't know Bree, but I hope they got rid of that schmuck than managed that place back in 2016. I haven't shopped there for about 2 years now since the manager tried to rip me off on a Shure SM-57. It was super beat up and I wasn't even sure it was going to work when I got it home, but took the gamble because it was only marked at $30, but when I got to the register, he tried to claim an employee mis-priced it and wanted $70! I argued with him about a half hour near closing time and told I had just bought abother used 57 in way better condition for $50. I used to be a regular there for lots of different stuff, but that incident turned me off so much I haven't been back.

    Kudos to Bree for trying to bring some class to that shady dump.