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    Aug 12, 2004
    I'm sort of new to the forum and just found your section, and I thought it would only be right to let you know what an inspiration you have been to me. As the story goes, I was about 13 and a good friend of mine had both just started playing bass. To be totally honest I hadn't really heard of you but my friend thought (still thinks) you're a god. Anyway, he decided for me it was time for me to see my first rock show and who better to break me in? J mascis and the FOg. The show was at a theater in Madison WI, I guess it would have been about 2000. I wouldn't really expect you to remeber, but we smoked cigars after the show in the back lot of the theater. Needless to say the show was awesome. I just wanted to say thanks because this spring I'll be off to college as a jazz major, hopefully to start a music career of my own and that show was definatly a factor in my "why James loves music" equation.

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    I remember that gig and am so glad you're way into music and are going to work at it - much respect to you and good luck w/your journey! I hope it's a creative one and you end teaching me some things.

    on bass, watt
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