Thank You to all the Veterans and Veteran's families.

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  1. Just want to say thanks for your service to the many veterans and to the many veteran families we have here on Talk Bass.
    I am not a vet, but my older brother was in South East Asia during Nam as a K9 handler and my dad, RIP, was in the Pacific Theater island hopping during WWII. If you are a vet or someone in your family is or was, please speak up. Again, thanks all for your service.

    Dad during the occupation of Japan.
    LaMar Japan 1945     012.jpg
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    and what better day to say thank you for your service than on veteran's day!
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    Any time I buy a poppy from a vet I thank them for their service. It always seems to mean a lot to them. My grandfather fought the Japanese in New Guinea and, from what my mom tells me, it damaged him on a profound level. I just can't imagine going through what so many vets have gone through and the least I can do is to say thank you.
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    Father in Vietnam, Father in-law Korea.
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    I never actually learned to play very well
    I think I’ve said this before but it’s worth repeating.

    I’m technically a Vietnam-era veteran. But I strategically served in a cushy non-combat Air Force tour in KBD’s Land of Smiles. So I don’t really consider myself a legitimate veteran.

    The *real* Veterans served in places like Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan (just to name a few). I have huge respect for any vet who’s served in real combat zones. If they were being shot at or something, I honestly believe they should be rewarded by our country with pretty much free everything for the rest of their life.
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    You are still a real veteran, my friend. And thank you.

  7. You devoted a portion of your life to serving your fellow country men and women back home. Thank you for your service.
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    I never actually learned to play very well

    I got caught in the last year of the Vietnam-era draft lottery. That year they called up everyone with a lottery number up to 70. My number was 69.

    When I got my draft notice, I had a couple of options. Do nothing and go to the Army, probably being assigned to some kind of combat role in Vietnam. Or, volunteer for one of the other less-hazardous branches of the military like the Navy or Air Force.

    I talked to an Air Force recruiter. They gave me some kind of entrance exam to score my intelligence. The test covered four areas, like math, mechanics, and something something. I don’t know how but I aced it in all four areas. I think the maximum score in each area was 85 and I got 4 x 85s. To this day I have no idea how because the test seemed pretty straightforward! I mean I was a C+/B- student in high school.

    So after basic training, due to those high test scores, I had some non-combat career field options. Ended up as an electronics technician in Thailand, far far away from anything hazardous to my life or limbs.

    It was like Fortunate Son, except I did technically serve my country. But I am not a real veteran.
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    I am like you. I participated in my granddaughters school assembly for Veterans Day on Friday. Sitting there among WWII, Korean way, Vietnam and Desert Storm vets I felt rather low being a peacetime Cold War vet. I say they let all us old washed up vets go serve in harms way and bring these wonderfully brave young folks back home.
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